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11:57:23 PM Jul 12th 2014
Have their been any examples of this trope NOT being used negatively? I'm just curious as I know a person working on their own series and because of circumstances, it happens, yet both are happily in the relationship, and both involved are rather well adjusted mentally, there's no abuse, or anything really negative. It's treated like a normal relationship. Or am I describing an entirely different trope altogether?
10:50:58 AM Jun 22nd 2012
edited by FireWalk
Chopped from Back to the future re "Like kissing your brother":
  • She says that in the film, too. How does she know?
    • Maybe it feels like kissing her brother because Marty takes after him, to the point where they have similarly-shaped lips?
      • Or, you know, it could just be the fact that "like kissing your brother" is a relatively common saying for kissing someone you have no sexual attraction to. It's like when people react to She Is Not My Girlfriend by saying that the not-girlfriend/boyfriend is like a sibling to them and actually mean it.
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