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* The original Sonic the Hedgehog games occasionally have a badnik of this type: that purple one with the spikes from the Spring Yard Zone in Sonic 1, and the Crawl from the Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2, for instance.

Epiblast: Do these really belong here? Both are quite killable; you just need to kill them by rolling into them rather than by jumping on them.

(Later) I'm just going to go ahead and remove these. They fit better with the soon-to-be-created The Spiny anyway.
Ununnilium: So, why would you confuse anti-fairies with bubbles, now? `.`

Morgan Wick: Well, either the original editor is confused or Wikipedia is. See

Milly: I forgot the name of it, but there is a monster in FFVI that is invincible in the World of Balance, but vulnerable in the World of Ruin. If anyone can figure it out and add it to the page, it'll be appreciated.

Pk Mario: Also those flying beetle-like things from the Metroid games. I don't know how are they called either, but they are invulnerable to everything except a Screw Attack

Errick: Can't you kill Phanto with the key? I don't remember for sure.
Fast Eddie: Pulled ... h*p://

... pushes the article off the page, too wide by a long shot, animated ...

Cassius335: The article's not nearly as funny without it, though...

Bob: I think we should leave it in. The main text of the article is short enough that the image work, despite because of the size.

Citizen: Overwide images are something I normally shy away from, but I felt an exception could be made for such a short page description. =/

Big T: What the heck do you mean by "pushes the article off the page"? I have my fonts set exactly the same as yours, (a la [1]) and I see no problem whatsoever. At 1024x768, (your resolution) it puts the text neatly on the side of the image. At 800x600, it puts it under the image, where it is again perfectly viewable. At 1290xwhatever (I've got a bunch of them), you get a lot of blank space, but that's because the image is too tall, and it isn't any taller than any other image on this site, including the Transformation Sequence page you seem to like. I even tried 640x480, where the image only fits if you scroll where you can't see the ads. No matter what, the text of the article fits entirely on the page.

Now, I've grown a lot of respect for you (FE) since I've been on this wiki, so I'm sure you have your reasons. I'm just too thick skulled to get it. Perhaps we could put the text first with the new watchlist buttons? Don't worry, no matter what you say, I promise it won't be like last time. I'm a bit passionate about this issue, and I want to understand. Thanks in advance.

Medinoc: How about a compromise ? We put an small image (for example, the Metool sprite), with a link to the bigger one.
Agent CH: Removed...
  • Ocarina of Time has zombies that freeze you with a blood-curdling shriek, then hump you to death.

...because they are quite killable.