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Liz: Could I change the pic to Gamora's?

bluepenguin: Has anyone else noticed that while the trope description seems to be about female henchmen being seduced by the hero and falling in love with him, the page quotes and examples are mostly about sexy alien babes? Which one is this trope supposed to be?

Mouser: There was a ykttw about splitting this between the romantic face turn of the description and the actual Green Skinned Space Babes of most of the examples. Somehow nothing came of it. I'll go bump that now.
  • Farseer Lolotea: I'm about to post on the forum about how this should be split into two tropes: Green-Skinned Space Babe (possible alt title: Exotic Hottie) for the literal sort, and Princess Aura Effect for the romantic Heel Face Turn.

Kilyle: We so need a trope change. I just noticed Therkla down there, and if I'm understanding the trope as written (and hastily skimmed), Therkla doesn't fit but there's an earlier character who does: the very human, very peach-colored, magic-using daughter of the Bandit King... whom Elan seduced under the understanding that it was his sworn duty as a protagonist.

And if that's the sort of split we have between those who fit this page and those who don't... we desperately need a split and a rename.
Ethereal Mutation: I find it hard to believe there can be a natter-fest for a simple alien girl, but here it is for people to fix and reinstate:

  • In Mass Effect, the asari are a race of blue skinned space babes who can mate with any race (and any gender). They're even encouraged to do this (mixed-genetics children are thought to be hardier) to the point where pure-bred asari children are discriminated against.
    • This might be a parody, or at least a lampshading, as Mass Effect is supposed to be based off of 70s and 80s sci-fi cliches. In some cases, it will come off as more a Deconstruction of some of those cliches.
      • This could be argued to be a Reconstruction of the Green-Skinned Space Babe; as a result of their xenophilia and open-mindedness, the asari are the most powerful, influential and wealthy species in the setting. For extra irony points, the potential asari love interest is a complete subversion of the Planet of Hats trope; where most asari are outgoing and gregarious, Liara is a shy and introverted (albeit gorgeous) archaeologist.
      • If this troper's memory is as good as he hopes it is, then the Codex states that the belief that Asari inherit traits from alien races via' mating is just that, a belief. Also, Tali is much hotter than Liara...
      • She wears a friggin' proverbial bag over her head! How is it possible to determine a character's hotness when you haven't seen an inch of her skin?
      • Easy, her environmental suit is skin tight. The head is the only thing really hidden. Also the accent helps.

Kilyle: Oooo...kay... where'd the original trope go? And why isn't there a link to it from this page? Honestly, if you change around trope definitions without actually changing the name, you gotta have an easy link to the place the trope went to.

Ethereal Mutation: It went to this YKTTW. Then I guess nobody really gave a crap to get it through. To be honest, next to none of either the examples nor the wicks to this trope were for the "seducing the enemy" type scenario to begin with, so this was just a change to reflect the overwhelmingly literal interpretation everybody was giving it.

Kilyle: Can anyone get a new page going? Because this trope must exist, if only because Girl Genius subverts and lampshades it before Agatha even gets off the airship. You can't subvert and lampshade a trope that doesn't exist.

Ecliptor Calrissian: I don't see why anyone's surprised. Vina wasn't a henchwoman who was seduced. When mistakes result from people thinking the Trope Namer is an example of the trope, it's hard to hate them for it even if they really should have read the description. (Same goes for Skyward Scream, once known as The Khan from the time Captain Kirk demonstrated it by yelling straight upward as the camera, above him, spun around. What, nothing remotely like that ever happened? Exactly.)