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From YKTTW Working Title: Ineffective Authoritarian State

Some Guy: Deleted the sub-entry on Joe Arpaio for not actually being true. If somebody wants to defend him, that's fine, but you have to use facts.

Some Guy: Follow-up- everything in the Joe Arpaio entry is factually true. He is the only major metropolitan sheriff not to have a felony warrant serving division. He is also the only major metropolitan sheriff to take illegal immigration enforcement upon himself. With this in mind, you need an actual reason if you want to delete the entry.

Gattsuru: Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment isn't enough? The part where some forms of illegal immigration into the United States is covered by Arizona state law (not something I'm a fan of myself for double jeopardy issues, but rather relevant)?

Some Guy: The basic idea behind the trope is that a state will be really harsh on some offenders and be light on others for no real reason. Sheriff Joe, regardless of the technical loopholes, is focusing full resources on relatively low level offenders. It fulfills the trope.
  • I might be too close to this, though. I've been screwed over by the Maricopa police both by being prosecuted for a frivilous misdemeanor and for being unable to bring charges against someone who committed a felony against me.