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11:09:15 AM Jun 28th 2014
Anyone else find the 'but' a little odd here? As the trope description demonstrates (and the large real life section used to), inefficiency is the default state for fascist regimes, not something unusual.
03:11:11 PM Jun 28th 2014
Well, the (incorrecr) assumption about fascism is that by being no-dissent allowed dictators, one can be efficient.
03:49:37 AM Dec 27th 2013
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The Main Page refers the reader to the Other Wiki for Real Life examples (which is disappointing, but I'm guessing the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment is in effect), but doen't actually link to a page (and the other wiki, quite natrually, doesn't have a Fascist, but Inefficient page). Does anyone know what page they did mean?
03:08:34 PM Jun 6th 2013
Please, no Conversation on the Main Page - it looks ugly, especially with the bullet points nested three to four levels deep:

  • Even better; they were sent by a ministry official to attack him in the first place.
  • Even better than that is that said official was kept on even after it was revealed how bad she was, and that was before Voldemort took over.
    • Even the most moderate members of Harry's trial only seem interested in the fact that Harry was capable of casting a Patronus. Nobody thought to question why he would do so, considering that the spell is only useful for fighting off evil magical creatures such as Dementors.
03:01:39 PM Jun 6th 2013
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More Conversation on the Main Page. I removed this, but I still think it's interesting:
  • Moreover, when Sirius is imprisoned in Azkaban, as noted above, he evades most of the worst punishment by pretending to be a dog most of the time. A prison staffed by wizards, instead of evil, joy-sucking monsters, probably would have noticed the loophole he was using.
  • More Fridge Logic here, as Sirius' escape from Azkaban was directly related to him knowing that he was innocent. Does that mean that most the people being put into Azkaban really are guilty to a degree?
    • Maybe. Remember, Sirius said he still felt horrible- the only things which kept him going was a desire for revenge and the ability to escape into a dog's simple mind. Anyone else might succumb to any of the other reasons one feels bad about themselves.
    • There's also the fact that the Dementors horror works by forcing you to remember the very worst things that have ever happened to you. But the worst thing that ever happened to Sirius was being put in Azkaban, so all it did was fixate him on revenge against the one who was truly guilty.
12:21:17 PM Jan 19th 2012
Pulling the Real Life modern China subbullet; most of my knowledge of China points to a Double Subversion and the entry is already Thread Mode-y:
  • Thoroughly subverted by China under Deng Xiaoping, who opened the economy but continued to stifle political debate. As a result of Deng's reforms, China is now the fastest growing economy but still continues to suppress free speech. Proof positive that you can be both Fascist and Efficient, and that market freedom can coexist quite comfortably with political tyranny.
    • This is very debatable. Sure, China is growing at 10% per year, but this is from a very low base, and using technology from countries with much higher levels of both political-social and economic freedom. It is fair to say China is fascist and increasing in efficiency but whether or not it is actually efficient is a different matter entirely.
    • It is not fascist, it is an authoritarian communist state. "Fascism," by definition, is violently opposed to Communism despite the fact that they often use similar methods to control the populace.
    • China has essentially lost most of its Communist aspects at this point. State Capitalist would probably be more accurate.
    • The jury is definitely still out. Apparently, they still can't get the trains to run on time.
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