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Working Title: Destructo Nookie: From YKTTW

Citizen: I Read That As "Destructo Noogie"... =P

M: Let's just say, if the man doesn't hit back, doesn't get angry and is still her friend when the woman realises it was all a misunderstanding then he may one day, years and years down the line, post about it on a random website in a section ending with the words "and that's how I lost my virginity".

Answer: The scene in question takes place in the past when they were both young adults.
Cambdoranononononono: Two things on A Streetcar Named Desire. First, Not Self-Explanatory. Second, if you're referring to Blanche and Stanley, I'm pretty sure rape doesn't fall under this trope. There may be a Stella/Stanley thing I forgot, but the bits I remember are about Stella getting turned on by Stanley's violence, rather than the two actually fighting.