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[[caption-width-right:350:When beds get destroyed.]]

->''"Sex is always better when you're breaking something."''
-->-- ''Literature/LockpickPornography'' by '''Joey Comeau'''

Sometimes, a couple has supernatural strength, or are just really rough (or, for that matter, really large and heavy). But they still need to fulfill their sexual desires. This is the result of them being stronger than their surroundings.

The location they've chosen for their night of passion breaks up around them as they display their sex drive. By the time they finish their act, they're surrounded by broken timbers, falling plaster, rattling floors and shattered furniture.

There's usually no actual anger or rage involved. That's SlapSlapKiss. Contrast ManOfSteelWomanOfKleenex where sex between a supernatural and a mortal is impossible because of the power difference.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Any sexual encounter with extraspecies in ''Manga/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirl'' due to their strength. Kimihito admits that he must train his body like crazy to have a chance of surviving the wedding night with whoever he marries.
* In ''Manga/{{Vassalord}}'', Charley seems to think attacking Rayflo with assorted heavy weaponry counts as foreplay. Rayflo seems to agree. Fortunately, they're both vampires, so no harm done.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Explicit in the background of a pair of minor characters in the ''ComicBook/{{Powers}}'' comic: a married superhero/ex-supervillain pair got together through these kinds of moments. Of course, readers only learn of this because ''Powers'' tends to bring its background characters to the fore to mix ADayInTheLimelight with MonsterOfTheWeek, meaning that having their backstory filled in involved [[spoiler:the ex-supervillain husband (among others) being brutally murdered by the demon that gave the superhero wife her powers, and then her own suicide to keep the demon inside her from using her to kill further]].
* In the short-lived ''Penthouse [=ComiX=]'' line, every encounter between Captain Adventure and Hericane caused varying levels of property damage (up to and including a Caieratornado-like trail of destruction if Hericane is worked up enough).
* In the Creator/CrossGen comic ''ComicBook/{{Negation}}'', Evinlea of the First switches sides from the protagonist's TrueCompanions and seduces Emperor Charon of the Negation Empire. As they're both cosmic-powered immortals and Charon's been without sex so long that he's literally forgotten what it was like (and is thus a tad over-enthusiastic when Evinlea finally... reminds him), their moment of... mutual fulfillment... involves a destructive energy release that literally ''vaporizes half the planet they're having sex on''. Pity that it was an ''inhabited'' planet, but they ''were'' the villains.
* The captioned pic above features ComicBook/SheHulk and ComicBook/XMen [[HeelFaceRevolvingDoor villain-turned-member-turned-villain-again-but-was-faking-it-the-whole-time]], Cain Marko, The Juggernaut ([[MemeticMutation bitch)]]. She-Hulk, herself, vehemently denied doing the deed with Juggernaut. Turns out it was a (very pleased-with-herself) double from an alternate Earth that nailed him.
* The Hoffmanites of ''ComicBook/BuckGodotZapGunForHire'' have ''all'' their relationships like this. [[http://www.airshipentertainment.com/buckcomic.php?date=20080124 Courtship begins with high explosives]] and presumably progresses from there.
** Buck's "Snerta" brand mattress is labeled [[http://www.airshipentertainment.com/buckcomic.php?date=20071020 "(Tough enough for a Hoffman)...but no funny stuff or forget it"]]
* In an issue of ''ComicBook/{{Daredevil}}'' set during the ''Inferno'' storyline, Kingpin gets into a fight with Typhoid Mary--whom he hired to kill Daredevil--that ends in sex. After the deed is done, the office is half-pulverized, half burned-down (from Mary's mutant powers), and they both have this smug look while getting dressed, thinking the other is completely wrapped around their finger.
** Also an example in Creator/FrankMiller's "The Man Without Fear" miniseries. Foggy arrives at the dorm room he shares with Matt and yells that the chain is on. A shirtless Matt cracks the door open and says to give him a minute. Quite a while later, a smiling Elektra comes out of the room. Foggy enters and finds the room utterly destroyed and Matt wearing only his underwear and a smile. "She really is a nice girl, Foggy..."
* In ''ComicBook/TheDarkKnightStrikesAgain'', Franchise/{{Superman}} and Franchise/WonderWoman have sex, resulting in earthquakes, tidal waves and more forms of destruction on a massive scale.
** Parodied by comic artist [[Webcomic/{{Sunstone}} Stjepan]] [[ComicBook/Switch2015 Šejić]] [[http://nebezial.deviantart.com/art/doesn-t-matter-had-snu-snu-418949142 who created an image]] that had Superman suggest to Wonder Woman that they should leave the area when news crews show up wondering why ''Mount Everest'' had been reduced to rubble.
* [[http://www.cracked.com/article_20236_6-insane-disney-comics-you-wont-believe-are-real.html 6 Insane Disney Comics You Won't Believe Are Real]] points out ''Comicbook/TheLifeAndTimesOfScroogeMcDuck'' story "The Prisoner of White Agony Creek," which [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar heavily implies]] Scrooge and Goldie's SlapSlapKiss relationship culminates in this.
-->'''Roy Bean:''' Based on careful deliberation (and many years of experience with life), it is the verdict of this court that what's going on in that cabin is ''not'' a hangin' offense in Langtry, Texas-- or anywhere else, thank gosh!
** Creator/DonRosa himself said that he didn't show the scene because Disney wouldn't have allowed what he intended them to do.
* The angel and devil that sired Genesis in ''ComicBook/{{Preacher}}'':
-->'''Angel:''' It was a tornado. A hurricane. A tsunami crashing down upon a tower of rock. Our juices fell like rain on the inferno.
-->'''Jesse:''' Hey!
-->'''Angel:''' We were not meant to even meet, let alone achieve such union. We were not created --
-->'''Jesse:''' Hey! How much more of this horseshit have I gotta listen to?
* Scandal Savage and Knockout of the ''ComicBook/SecretSix'' both genuinely love each other, but due to one being a DarkActionGirl and the other being a former [[ComicBook/NewGods Female Fury]] they managed to trash several successive hotel rooms when they went out together, as [[http://40.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_licyw3MrHx1qcz7kio1_500.jpg seen here.]]
* Although what exactly happened between Comicbook/{{X 23}} and Teen!Warren after their date in ''ComicBook/AllNewXMen'' has thus far been left as DidTheyOrDidntThey, one of the arguments for "did" is Laura waking up at one of the Worthington family retreats to find the bedroom utterly trashed, with upended (and apparently ''clawed'') furniture, scattered books and other decor, and clothes strewn all over the place. Whatever ''actually'' happened, it clearly got rather wild.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Shows up in a lot of post-series fic featuring any of the three Official Couples of ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', usually alongside PowerPerversionPotential for the youngest couple or BrainsAndBondage for the two older couples.
* In ''[[Manga/{{Naruto}} Naruto]]'' fanfic ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/5592700/chapters/12887047 When Love Fades]]'', one time, Naruto's and Sasuke's romping got so intense that they destroyed a bed. And they're just ''regular humans'' in this story.
-->The bed springs hadn't been able to stand up to their efforts, and the thin mattress was sagging down nearly to the floor.
* [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] in ''[[Manga/{{Naruto}} Naruto]]'' fanfic [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/4805429/chapters/10999913 The Four Horsemen]]. If Naruto—Chaos—and Sasuke—Death—were not in the Temple of Death when they first got it on, they would have ''destroyed the whole world around them''.
-->''"It's the walls," Naruto explained. "When I first came, the last of the monks that had followed the teachings of Padmasambhava were still tending the place. They would sit in the temple, chanting the words that were etched in the surrounding stone. I don't know if it's the effects of centuries of chanting, or the engraving on the walls themselves, but this temple helped contain my powers. I could unleash them and they didn't escape the walls."''
* ''FanFic/ACrownOfStars'': In Chapter 50, Asuka and Shinji have a talk that devolves into an argument and a martial arts fight. Milder than other examples, they do not damage too much the furniture and the fight finishes quickly when Asuka throws Shinji onto the bed before landing onto him and kissing him. Passionate lovemaking ensued.
* In the last part of the ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' fan fic [[http://idioticonion.livejournal.com/102964.html "Instant Pleasure,"]] Marshall, Lily, Ted, Robin, and Barney's extremely vigorous ''[[UpToEleven five]][[ThreeWaySex -way]]'' causes the bed to collapse under them.
* ''FanFic/{{Luminosity}}'' features a relatively mild example, with the damage being limited to a hotel bed. This ends up being plot-relevant: [[spoiler:One of the hotel staff connects Edward to some local vampire myths, and in the course of being reassured that Bella is uninjured tips them off about a possible means by which the two of them can have children together.]]
* In one ''Literature/{{Percy Jackson|AndTheOlympians}}'' fan fic, which involved Nicox/Percy slash, it is revealed that children of the Big Three can never engage in coitus--their powers mix and go out of control. In their case, Percy manipulates copious amounts of water without thinking, and Nico makes the earth shift. There's a high risk level with this, and Nico sums it up quite nicely: "We're a mudslide waiting to happen."
* In the [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs rather bizarre]] ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fan fic [[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/56651/3/beyond-the-goddess-within/chapter-3-hostility "Beyond The Goddess Within"]] Rarity and Twilight Sparkle fight over Spike, and halfway through, begin to have sex. [[TwoBeingsOneBody Then they fuse together.]]
* We can only speculate what happens in Chapter 32 of ''FanFic/ShinjiAndWarhammer40K'', when several female cast members decide the best way to deal with Shinji's sync-ratio problems is to resolve some pent-up teenage stress with the help of the local (tantric) priests, and drag Asuka along for the ride. All we know for sure is that several buildings collapse, portents of doom are sensed throughout Tokyo-3, [[EliteMooks Terminators]] have to be deployed, and Shinji and Asuka absolutely refuse to discuss it.
* A RunningGag in ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' has a Saiyan character launching his signature [[KamehameHadoken ki attack]] through the roof whenever he has sex. So far this has happened with Vegeta, Goku, and ''would'' have happened with Future Gohan if the team hadn't scrapped the joke at the last minute.
* [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Xander and Cordelia]] manage to (very loudly) completely destroy their hotel room. The entire hotel lobby gives them a standing ovation when they check out and the Bellhop tips Xander. In ''[[https://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-29721/Ironbear+And+Another+Thing+I+Hate+About+You.htm And Another Thing I Hate About You]]''.
* [[Literature/HarryPotter Harry]] and [[ComicBook/TeenTitans Raven]] apparently didn't have particularly wild sex in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9619840/1/The-Complications-of-a-Vegas-Wedding The Complications of a Vegas Wedding]]'' so much as their powers both react to intense emotions. The walls, floors, and ceilings of their suite were left ridiculous combinations of colors, the walls all had scorch marks, most of the furniture had been thrown across the room, the windows were blown out, and the headboard of the bed had grown into a tree.
* [[Series/TheWestWing Josh and Donna]] break a couple of coffee tables (and Josh's leg) in [[http://national-library.net/stories/spitzthecat/valentine.htm part]] of The Joshua Monologues series.
* Because [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans Raven's]] powers go out of control when she becomes emotional, several fics involving her lovemaking will result in a lot of furniture psychically exploding.
* Happens between Francis and Sheva in ''Fanfic/ShadowchasersConspiracy''. It's not clear how the brutal, bloody fistfight turned into sex, as it happened "offscreen", but it did, and uprooted ''whole trees'' as a result. Unlike most examples of this trope, [[RealityEnsues the aftermath wasn't very pleasant]]. Sheva still intended to kill him, but stopped because another villain was watching, and Francis was disgusted at what happened when he woke up.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4455612/22/Potter-s-Bones Potter's Bones]]'' the backlash of a soul bond forming between Harry, Hermione and Susan during three-way sex trashes their room at Hogwarts.
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5604382/33/The-Accidental-Bond The Accidental Bond]]'' Gabrielle goes into a sexual frenzy during Veela puberty and she and Harry wake up to find a half-destroyed bedroom.

* There is a prominent one in ''Film/ThreeHundredRiseOfAnEmpire'' between the hero and the main villain nonetheless. The fact is that Artemisia is looking for a man to be at her side, and as her Generals prove to be totally incompetent, she summons Themistokles to her ship, gives him a WeCanRuleTogether speech and tries to kiss him. He falls for the temptation and they proceed to have sex so violent that it's more like a "Who's raping who" contest. After she shows her satisfaction for finally finding a real man up to her status, he simply replies "No."
* Barnabas and Angelique trash her whole office by making love everywhere (including the walls and ceiling) in ''Film/DarkShadows''.
* The act performed by the possessed Dana Barrett and Louis Tully in ''Film/Ghostbusters1984'' could be considered an extreme example of this trope, as it [[spoiler:was supposed to bring about the END OF THE WORLD]]. Sex doesn't get much more destructive than that.
** And ''did'' completely trash Dana's apartment beyond the dreams of rock bands, to the point of blowing the outside wall out completely and revealing the walled-over stairway to the rooftop. (There's a reason this all started in Dana's pad.)
* A subversion of this happens early on in ''Film/TheLosers'', where Clay and Aiesha retire to Clay's room under the pretext of a traditional bar hook-up. Upon being called out on her hidden motive, a fight ensues that juggles foreplay and firestarting.
* ''Film/MrAndMrsSmith2005'': John and Jane Smith are trying to kill each other for plot-related reasons. But despite the fact that they're trying to kill each other and hate each other for the mutual betrayal, they still love each other. They're using guns, and when the bullets run out, they go hand-to-hand. They throw each other bodily all over their marital home, floor to ceiling, room to room (not necessarily using doors for it), and finally give into their desires. They make love on the single clean spot left on the floor, unconcerned that the house is completely destroyed, and that they have other problems. Which made for quite the awkward moment when their neighbors, accompanied by police officers, paid a call about the ruckus...
* The sex scenes in ''Film/MySuperExGirlfriend'': one of them just breaks the legs of the bed. One sends it through the wall into the next door apartment. One ends up with a large shark thrown at it, but that's something of another story...
* In an interesting twist of this trope, in the Creator/JohnWayne romantic film ''Film/TheQuietMan'', he and his new bride argue so vigorously that they break the bed (ItMakesSenseInContext) but end up '''not''' consummating the marriage on the wedding night. This trope is subtly invoked, though (this was the era of UsefulNotes/TheHaysCode, after all).
** When the matchmaker O'Flynn visits the next morning, he finds the ruined bed: "Impetuous! Homeric!" he declares with shock.
* In ''Film/RaiseYourVoice'', the [[DeadpanSnarker Goth Pianist]] storms into [[FunPersonified Kiwi's room]] to scream at him that he's the loudest fucker in the whole damn school, to which Kiwi responds by pushing her into the wall. Then she pushes him back, kissing him as they knock over lamps, send all the drum sets flying, and otherwise cause a huge mess and quite a bit of noise.
* Parodied in ''Film/ShootEmUp'', in which Creator/CliveOwen and Creator/MonicaBellucci have sex during a gunfight.
** More like vice versa: thugs broke in while they were having sex, and Owen started shooting back at them [[CoitusUninterruptus without bothering to disengage]].
* ''Film/SimonSez''
* ''Film/{{Scaramouche}}'' (1952): It starts as SlapSlapKiss with [[FryingPanOfDoom frying pans]]. It ends with a make up nookie that tears apart Lenore's carriage from the inside out (with frying pans still in hand).
* Done for pure slapstick in ''Film/TheTallGuy''. Creator/JeffGoldblum and Creator/EmmaThompson demolish a flat the first time they have sex. Not that there's any fight involved, they just lose control a bit.
* One film adaptation of ''Film/TheThreeMusketeers'' has D'Artagnan screwing Milady's maid on a previously-established-to-be-very-sturdy iron-framed bed. After he leaves, she leans against the bed and it collapses into several pieces.
* Subverted in ''Film/TheWarOfTheRoses''. Part of the climactic fight ends up with Kathleen Turner straddling Michael Douglas, begging him to show her his... "[[UnusualEuphemism little captain]]". He does, but it [[GroinAttack doesn't end well for him]].
* A deleted scene from ''Film/{{Hancock}}'' has the titular character warn a girl he takes back to his home that she needs to get off when he climaxes. The film then cuts to his trailer shaking like crazy. As he reaches the moment, he tosses the woman off and blasts three holes on his roof with his ejaculation.
* There's a whole genre of porn dedicated to this, called sexfight. (Sometimes "cockfight" for the male homosexual version.) Although obviously they usually destroy very little of the scenery, as they tend to be low on budget.
* After the SexyDiscretionShot of Film/BruceAlmighty's "heavenly" sex with his girlfriend, we cut to him laid in bed in the morning, with mattress cover on the floor, the mattress itself dislodged, the pillows stuffed down the back, and the duvet sloppily placed to cover Bruce's groin.

* Similar to the above example, Bones in the ''Literature/NightHuntress'' books is occasionally prone to this. One of his encounters resulted in a shattered lamp, a broken table, a bloodstained carpet, an overturned couch, and various other damaged items, prompting Cat to describe the room as looking like a brawl had take place there.
* ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles:''
** In a twisted inversion, sex takes place to ''prevent'' destruction in ''Literature/DeathMasks''.
** Bob the Skull cheers Harry on from an unfortunately mistaken notion of Destructo Nookie in "Something Borrowed," the short story written for ''My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding''.
** The end of ''Literature/WhiteNight''. Harry [[spoiler:uses the energy from the emotions from kissing resident succubus Lara Wraith to strengthen his shield against a massive explosion, and they get shot out of a cave like a cannonball. And continue through most of a wing of her mansion.]]
* Subverted in ''Literature/CatchTwentyTwo'' with Yossarian and Nately's whore. First she's trying to kill him, then for a bit it really looks like it's going to be this trope... aaand then she goes for the knife. Admit it, you were fooled. And so [[OhCrap was he!]]
* Creator/RobertAHeinlein's ''Literature/BeyondThisHorizon'' contains a bit resembling this trope: the protagonist beats up his love interest; she returns the favor. True Romance.
* Tanya Huff's ''[[Literature/KeepersChronicles Summon the Keeper]]'' books involve this. The first time Claire and Dean have sex, they ''make an angel''--and, by extension, a demon.
* Vampires in ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' all have destructo sex; the resident hulk says he and his ice queen wife have broken multiple houses.
** Not to mention that when the main couple went out on their honeymoon, they managed to break their vacation bedroom multiple times.
* In Lucy A. Snyder's ''Literature/{{Spellbent}}'', Jessie and Cooper have sex to magically summon a thunderstorm. Later in the series, after she's acquired a magical hellfire arm, they try to make love and almost burn down a house.
* In ''[[Literature/InheritanceTrilogy The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms]]'', [[spoiler: Yeine and Nahadoth]] have one of these. It's stated that [[spoiler:Yeine is the first mortal ever to survive the experience]].
* Clay and Elena from ''Literature/WomenOfTheOtherworld'' have a tendency to cause mass damage when they decide to get down. In the aftermath of one moment, they find that not only did they deliberately shred the bedsheets, but they have also somehow knocked down everything hanging from the walls.
* Averted and lampshaded in ''Literature/TheFaultInOurStars'' when [[spoiler:Hazel and Gus have sex, with Hazel commenting that "no headboards were broken," seemingly as a TakeThat to ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'']].
* In the ''Literature/{{Zeroes}}'' series, occurs when Crash and Mob have sex for the first time. When Crash climaxes, she briefly loses control of her superpower and accidentally destroys a nearby ship.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** Buffy and Spike get into a brawl in an abandoned house. At some point in the fight, they go from trading blows to kissing, and they end up having sex up against a wall before the floor gives out beneath them.
*** And even '''''that''''' doesn't stop them -- [[CoitusUninterruptus they just keep going and going]]...
*** The line about the Destructo Nookie from the following episode (as the Nookie was part of a CliffHanger) was named one of the best post-coital lines ever:
---> '''Buffy:''' "When did the building fall down?"
** Another episode opens with a slow pan across a trashed room, accompanied by the sounds of passion and breaking objects, ending with Spike and Buffy lying post-coitus under the carpet.
-->'''Buffy:''' We missed the bed again.
-->'''Spike:''' Lucky for the bed.
** The overtly sexualized scene in the Season 3 finale when Buffy makes Angel vamp out and drink her blood. While he's lying on top of her, she grabs a metal object for support, and it just crumples. She also kicks a table through a wall. Angel leaves her with the most insane hickey in history through all of Season 4.
** A very serious -- and dangerous -- example of this trope happened between Buffy and Angel in the comic book, during Season Nine, at the urging of [[BigBad the entity that would eventually become Twilight]]. With Angel under DemonicPossession, he raised an army that all but decimated Buffy's organization. When the two actually confronted each other, they were seemingly drugged, unable to fight, and urged to give into their passion for each other. What resulted was ''airborne'' sex that caused them to smash through mountains, [[ZeroGSpot fly into orbit]], through time, and through dimensional barriers, all while creating cataclysms on Earth that resulted in Twilight's dimension being created. (Buffy and Angel managed to snap out of it then, but it was only going to get worse...)
** The whole incident is elegantly lampshaded by Kennedy later on, when she sets Buffy straight, reminding her how she [[LiteralMetaphor "literally fucked up everything."]]
* ''Series/{{Moonlighting}}'': Dave and Maddie have a brawl that leads to throwing things and the destruction of Maddie's living room before they end up with an afterglow romantic shot in bed several minutes later.
* In ''Series/BurnNotice'', Fiona challenges Michael to a fight when Michael refuses to talk about their relationship. Halfway through the fight turns into a fight/grope-fest and a few minutes later it just turns into flat-out sex.
** Which was, if you're into that sort of thing, a Crowning Moment of Sexy.
** In the episode "Company Man," the camera pans across broken furnishings strewn around Michael's apartment while the voiceover describes Michael's current situation as particularly vulnerable to attack, and then the camera pans to Fiona pinning Michael against the wall in order to have rough sex with him.
* In the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' universe, this is pretty much a Klingon's idea of a hot date (the violence being less "trigger" and more "foreplay"). Worf explains:
--->'''Worf:''' Men do not roar. Women roar! And they...hurl heavy objects. He reads love poetry. He ducks a lot.
** A broken collarbone during the wedding night is considered a sign of good luck for the newlyweds.
** The ''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Deep Space Nine]]'' episode "Looking for ''par'mach'' in all the wrong places" had three characters coming into sickbay for sex-related injuries (Quark didn't inflict sufficient damage upon the Klingon chick for her to need repairs). Worf and Dax literally start out with a bat'leth duel, which is implied to be Klingon tradition.
--->'''Dr. Bashir:''' [[NoJustNoReaction No]]... [[BrainBleach No, I don't need that image, either]]. In fact I'm gonna stop asking that question altogether. People will come in, I will treat them, and that's all.
** Curiously, the same appears to be true of Vulcans. You'd think it was a match made in Sto-Vo-Kor, but the pairing's uncommon at best.
*** The trouble is, the Vulcans' violent Pon Farr period only rolls around once every seven years or so. The Klingons would probably find the Vulcans' distant cousins the Romulans more to their liking (as they're ''always'' rather passionate and hot-tempered), if not for the two races' [[ElvesVersusDwarves historical enmity]]. Also the violence of the ''pon farr'' involving killing any potential rival; we've seen no evidence the sex itself is violent.
* ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise''. Hinted at in "Babel One" when Captain Archer notices that Commander Shran is having a relationship with his NumberTwo Talas.
-->'''Shran:''' Andorian women are far more aggressive than Earth females. She made...an overture. I had a choice -- charge her with assaulting a superior...or mate with her.
* An early episode of ''Series/{{Roseanne}}'' has Dan and Roseanne's fight over a tacky souvenir clock degenerate into furniture-throwing. After they heft the couch out onto the front lawn, they lock eyes and go straight for the bedroom. The scene cuts to a steamy afterglow shot.
* Happened a few times in ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'' and ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess.''
* There was a line in the TV series ''Series/{{Wiseguy}}'' where the villain played by Tim Curry says to his wife "You call it fighting, I call it foreplay!".
* ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}''. Happens between Colonel Tigh and his wife Ellen in one episode, but it's made perfectly clear their relationship is seriously dysfunctional. The writers specifically included the scene to show there was in fact some attraction between the two despite this.
* Subverted on ''Series/DesperateHousewives''. Edie and Carlos have been having trouble with their sex life, and an argument appears to be leading towards this trope. She throws him against the fridge to make out and a pepper grinder falls on his head. He throws her onto the table and it collapses from their combined weight. Cut to them at the doctor's office, getting stitches for their injuries.
* Weirdly enough, a dance routine on the sixth season of ''Series/SoYouThinkYouCanDance'' was intended to portray this. Also, it was freaking amazing.
** You mean Ellenore and Legacy's contemporary piece, right? That was ''awesome''.
* On ''Series/OneLifeToLive'', Max and Blair, in the depths of their mutual gambling addictions, and he wrongly believing that his wife Luna is cheating on him with his best friend (thanks to Blair's lies and scheming), proceed to wreck a hotel room during a sex scene that involved him slamming her against the wall several times, knocking over tables and chairs, and at one point, clearly taking her from behind (a shocking daytime first), before finally falling onto the one table they haven't knocked over.
* The ''Series/{{Castle}}'' episode "Always Buy Retail" contains a good example of this trope. Castle and his ex-wife having quite a brawl, with her legs knocking glasses and pictures off the table, them breaking the bed, her ripping off the curtain and eventually both falling off said bed so hard that pictures fall off the wall and break. And it seems that it was most casual too.
* In the ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' episode "Wrath," Lana Lang temporarily gains superpowers identical to Clark's. This means they can [[ManOfSteelWomanOfKleenex finally have sex without him destroying her]]. Earthquakes ensue. Results in a [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments Crowning Moment of Funny]] as the entire town--including their mutual best friend Chloe--feel the quakes, and Chloe later arrives at the Kent Farm and discovers (to her supreme awkwardness) the source of the quakes.
* In the final season of ''Series/TheWestWing'' rumours arise that Democratic candidate Matt Santos and his wife destroyed an antique bed in a hotel room that they were staying in.
** ("Hurricane Santos")
--> '''Santos (to reporters):''' So, I'm going to address this once, just this once, and that'll be the end of it, okay: No way was that bed steel-reinforced.
* ''Series/AllMyChildren'''s adulterous Alec and Arlene destroyed his apartment (which she'd already trashed) having sex on the night he married her DAUGHTER.
* In ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' the titular character does it in Bora Bora, alone, on a bed, to feign great sex, with no superpowers.
* Heavily implied once on ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'', back when Leonard and Penny first started dating. Sheldon demanded to know why they were at his and Leonard's apartment when they had agreed that when they wanted to spend the night together, they would do so at Penny's. Leonard looked ''very'' smug and replied that they couldn't, because her bed broke.
* On ''Series/MyNameIsEarl'', Jamal and Hector, the respective leaders of two {{Prison}} gangs fall in love after they are placed in solitary together. They each know that their men will not accept their relationship, because it is both interracial and homosexual, and because their gangs are bitter rivals, so they get their gangs to fight while they sneak off. After a SecondActBreakup, Earl gets Jamal and Hector back together, and the warden allows them to meet in his office once a month to [[UnusualEuphemism "discuss their gangs' grievances."]]
--> '''Warden:''' That sounds like it's going to be a tough negotiation! I would ''not'' want to be in the middle of those two!
--> '''Earl:''' Nope. [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Just two straight guys fightin'...]]
* Happens in ''Series/JessicaJones2015'' when she and love interest Series/{{Luke Cage|2016}} find out they both have SuperStrength, Jessica has more but Luke is practically indestructible. They had already been [[FriendsWithBenefits fuckbuddies]] for a couple episodes beforehand, but they were being gentle with each other since they didn't know the other had powers. When they learn each other's secret after a nasty BarBrawl, they get it on in a whole new light.
-->'''Luke:''' ...Sweet Christmas!

* The song "Lover's Day" by Music/TvOnTheRadio.
* "Stingwray" by Static-X.
* "Oceanographer's Choice" by Music/TheMountainGoats details (an inevitably brief) reconciliation and subsequent destructive sex of the recurring Alpha Couple.
--> ''And then we fell down, and we locked arms. We knocked the dresser over as we rolled across the floor''
* "Leavin' Love All Over The Place" by Music/GeorgeJones:
-->''The lady at the rooming house''
-->''Served our eviction notice yesterday.''
-->''While we were pickin' up our clothes''
-->''She started screaming somebody's gonna pay.''

-->''She said it takes a dozen carpenters''
-->''To fix the broken bed and drapes''
-->''But we just never learned to love''
-->''Without leavin' love all over the place.''

* Apocalyptic by Music/{{Halestorm}} is about a relationship that's broken down to the point where sex is the only thing they enjoy together, so before they break up, Lzzy wants one more night and goes into details about how destructive it's going to get.

[[folder:Music Video]]
* The music video for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZDnTjyB7og "Beyond Here Lies Nothin',"]] by Music/BobDylan.
* The music video for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uelHwf8o7_U "Love the Way You Lie"]] by Music/{{Eminem}} and Music/{{Rihanna}}.
* Destructo-humping, rather... [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMUDVMiITOU Turn Down for What]] by DJ Snake & Music/LilJon.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Parodied in [[http://www.wowwiki.com/Flirt /flirt]] emotes in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', particularly the Draenei, Night Elf, Troll and Orc ones. Sadly, some of the Draenei NoodleIncident emotes were not present in the released version.
** Unfortunately, most of the female Draenei flirts were removed.
--> "When enraged and in heat, a female troll can mate up to 80 times in one night. Be ya prepared?"
* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'': Heavily implied among the Echani. Depending upon the circumstances, a series of duels between two members of the opposite sex can be construed as a courtship of sorts; and individual duels can be interpreted as flirting or possibly foreplay.
** The Handmaiden (half-Echani, raised as one) fights several unarmed duels with the player character along the course of her romance subplot. During the duels both participants are wearing their underclothes (from the dialogue, they're supposed to be naked, but the game engine doesn't allow that). A hand-to-hand duel between the two turning into sex isn't a stretch of the imagination. (Admit it, that was what you were thinking, too.) Kreia even points this out at one point, asking the Exile why he thinks she's been so eager to get naked and sweaty with him.
* It's implied in ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' that the Locust breed this way. Due to their BizarreSexualDimorphism, the female Locust Drones, a.k.a. ''Berserkers'', are gigantic piles of muscle, bulletproof skin, and UnstoppableRage that indiscriminately slaughter any living thing in their path whether its human or a fellow Locust. Because of this, they have to be chained down while mating to avoid the male Locust getting torn apart.
* Travis Touchdown finally got with Sylvia at almost the end of ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle''. The "No More Heroes" sign outside falls to read "More Ero" and during, you can very clearly hear ''gunshots''.
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', Mordin can give Shepard advice regarding whichever crew member the Commander ends up romancing. For [[PersonOfMassDestruction Jack]], Mordin cautions that Shepard might get injured by her during sex, and suggests using biotic inhibitors (and padding the walls).
* In ''VideoGame/DarkWatch'', you vampire bite the girl during sex, then she comes back and uses her new powers to destroy the organization.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' has this conversation between Sten and Morrigan regarding sex:
-->'''Morrigan:''' You seem so deep in thought, my dear Sten. Thinking of me, perhaps? The two of us, together at last?
-->'''Sten:''' Yes.
-->'''Morrigan:''' I... what did you say?
-->'''Sten:''' You will need armor, I think. And a helmet. And something to bite down on. How strong are human teeth?
-->'''Morrigan:''' How strong are my teeth?
-->'''Sten:''' Qunari teeth can bite through leather, wood, even metal given time. Which reminds me, I may try to nuzzle.
-->'''Morrigan:''' Nuzzle?
-->'''Sten:''' If that happens, you'll need an iron pry bar. Heat it in a fire, first, or it may not get my attention.
-->'''Morrigan:''' Perhaps it would be better if we did not proceed.
-->'''Sten:''' Are you certain? If it will satisfy your curiosity...
-->'''Morrigan:''' Yes. Yes, I think it is best.
** Sten is ''probably'' kidding here. His race does have MadeOfIron as a hat, but prior to this point, Morrigan had been engaging in increasingly suggestive dialog with Sten in an attempt to fluster ([[TheStoic or get any reaction at all]]) out of him and as several other conversations reveal, Sten does have an extremely dry sense of humor that he enjoys unleashing on the unsuspecting.

* ''WebVideo/UltraFastPony:'' In "Pirate Shipping," Big Mac and Cheerilee get married [[ButLiquorIsQuicker while rip-roaring drunk]]. The next morning, they wake up together on a mattress, which is at the bottom of an 8-foot-deep hole. "This hole wasn't even here yesterday!"
* ''WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice'' posits that the main reason the Emperor never suspected the existence of the Sensei, his ''actual'' biological children (unlike the Primarchs, who were more like clones) was that every time he had sex, the woman tended to end up rather mauled (he mentions blood and broken bones were usual), and, while he made sure they never ended up unsatisfied, he never bothered to return to check on any of them.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Jägers in the ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' universe [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20031105 seem to think]] this is just how it's done, since they consider being physically wounded after hitting on Von Pinn as not so much "Emphatic, murderous NO!" as "A bit of teasing". After all, she ''could'' kill or incapacitate them with very little effort.
-->'''von Pinn:''' [[AC:Move or die!]]
-->'''André:''' Woo-hoo! ''Already'' mit [[FunetikAksent de sveet tok]]!
** It's mentioned in the [[AllThereInTheManual background material]] that she's been thinking about killing one of them to send a stronger message, but that she's afraid it would be the ''wrong'' message.
** Of course, while Jägerkin believe in LoveAtFirstPunch, her charges think she's "warning them off". But now that her background is revealed, she may have used an opportunity simply to [[spoiler:keep them in good fighting form]]... and vent her perpetual nasty mood.
* [[Webcomic/RoomiesItsWalkyJoyceAndWalky Walky and Joyce's]] [[http://www.joyceandwalky.com/d/20040418.html first night together.]] {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d by the motel clerks who were getting complaints about their "enthusiasm" , but were reluctant to go tell them to keep it down due to recognizing their [[SuperSoldier SEMME]] uniforms:
-->'''Clerk 1:''' You saw 'em! They had the stripes!
-->'''Clerk 2:''' And you know what '''that''' means.
-->'''Clerk 1:''' What, what -- like "ManOfSteelWomanOfKleenex?"
-->'''Clerk 2:''' No, Laughing Boy, '''think'''. "Man of Steel, Woman of Steel, '''Bed''' of Kleenex."
** And inside the room:
--->'''Walky:''' (''tangled in a heap with Joyce, surveying the remains of the room--utterly wrecked save for the chair'') Whew...whew...uh...Joyce, we kinda...should we...
--->'''Joyce:''' The chair! THE CHAIR!
* Subverted nicely in [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0355.html this]] ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' comic:
-->'''Sabine:''' You can do anything you want with me... You can't honestly tell me this didn't cross your mind while we were fighting, can you? I promise: this time, when I manhandle you, it will feel a LOT better.
-->'''Roy:''' Anything I want, you say?
-->'''Sabine:''' Anything.
-->''(Next panel: Sabine [[DestinationDefenestration crashing through a window and falling several stories]])''
-->'''Roy:''' Hey, you were right. That DID feel better than before. Nice piercings, though."
** Especially awesome given that her supernatural combat enhancements had just worn off, so she was trying to continue to distract Roy by stripping. Also, she's a shapeshifter and a succubus attempting to drain levels via sexual contact.
* The Cherub mating ritual in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' is described as an outright battle, wherein the two transform into massive serpents, each an astronomical unit in length to beat the tar out of each other to determine whether the "benevolent protector of justice" cherub or the "malevolent destroyer of worlds" cherub will lose and bear their offspring, while the winner gains control over both their galactic territories. Oh, and it all takes place in a ''black hole''.
* ''WebComic/SandraOnTheRocks'': Domenico and his ex-wife, Zoe, end up doing this for ''[[http://www.sandraontherocks.com/strips-sotr/sex_the_other_into_submission an hour]]'' after another of [[BelligerentSexualTension their shouting matches.]] It takes place [[SexyDiscretionShot entirely off-panel]] to show Sandra's reaction, accompanied by the sounds of breaking furniture (including a PricelessMingVase). She [[LampshadeHanging even asks]] [[http://www.sandraontherocks.com/strips-sotr/holy_highballs if they're fighting or f*cking.]]
* According to the December 12, 2014 installment of ''Webcomic/LasLindas'', Mora and Minos have a rather... ''vigorous'' relationship. Hopefully they have earthquake insurance!

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', Brock Samson and Molotov Cocktease's entire relationship. Hell, Brock has a rule against killing women and children... but such things as cutting out Molotov's eye or getting handcuffed to a bed in a burning building are nothing more than ''foreplay'' to them.
-->'''Molotov:''' You took my eye!
-->'''Brock:''' After you took... my heart.
** Not to mention the motel room they trashed while Brock was trying to get his rocks off.
* Mortal enemies WesternAnimation/AeonFlux and Trevor Goodchild have been known to make out on the battlefield.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', between Lrrr and Ndnd in the episode "Spanish Fry".
-->'''Lrrr:''' You will want to retreat to a safe 500 meter radius!
** Bender and the Beverage Machine in "The Bots and the Bees."
* ''Strongly'' implied with the picnic scene in the ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'' episode "Karate Choppers."
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Archer}} Sterling Archer]] could give master classes in this. His "two man three-way" in "Skorpio" left a room in shambles with chocolate handprints (and prints of other body parts) covering the walls. Then Archer literally destroys the room with a hand grenade.
** His trysts with [[spoiler:Pam]] seem to always be Destructo-Nookie, after which he is often unable to move.
** Part 2 of "Heart of Archness" starts with Archer and two island girls in bed. He praises the girls, "I've never even ''heard'' of that position. Did the missionaries not swing by here or--."
-->'''Archer:''' Noah, I'm half-drunk and slathered in... every bodily fluid there is. This is about as "pirate kingy" as I'm going to get.
* In ''WesternAnimation/BatmanAssaultOnArkham'', ComicBook/{{Deadshot}} and ComicBook/HarleyQuinn get intimate at one point. We don't see most of it, but the sounds of crashing and furniture breaking are audible from outside.