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I removed the line about Jeffery Dahmer's actions being related to him being an evangelical (This may be subverted because some think that the murders were a way for him to solve the cognitive dissonance of being gay and being raised in a religion where being gay was a serious sin), as he wasn't converted until after his own imprisonment. Check [1]

Duckluck: Besides, he was psychotic with severe paranoid schizophrenia. If you need come up with an explanation beyond that, you're reaching.

Ophicius: Conversation in the Main Page: If you think an example shouldn't be here, take it out.

Jordan: Regarding the issue of Rollo's sexuality, I admit to initially classifying him this way given how obsessive he is towards Lelouch, but after a while, I'm inclined to think he was simply too messed-up to really have a sexuality to speak of- he loves Lelouch because Lelouch was the first person who was kind to him.

Orihime: Rolo would've acted similarly whether he was male or female and whether Lelouch was male or female, exactly for the same reasons. (Possible) Homosexuality is the least of Rolo's issues in that sense: he would've acted the same way towards anyone, male or female, offering him more or less genuine kindness in a regular basis, so deprived of normal human contact he is. That's one of the reasons why I hesitate to put him as a 100% Depraved Homosexual, aside of having seen bitter Shirley and Lulu/Shirley fans use his sexuality as an excuse to go all Die for Our Ship on him, since a gay guy throwing such a wrench in the couple makes him an Acceptable Target.

L Guardinal: Took the pedophilia bit out of the intro; it didn't really have anything to do with the trope itself. I mean, I get the pedo = evil thing, but this trope isn't about pedophiles being gay men, it's about gay men being evil. Also the Code Geass bit because unfunny Fan Wank is both unfunny and Fan Wank.

Would Futurama's Hedonism-Bot ("Let us cavort like the Greeks of old! You know the ones I mean.") be an example? —Document N
  • Considering the Greeks of old in question, I'd say Depraved Bisexual. (Though the mere mention of Hedonism-Bot made me grin like a schoolgirl.) —Skazka

Orihime: Removed the Nina bit since it's already (and better explained) in Psycho Lesbian.

High Five: Okay, can somebody tell me WHY this is under Truth in Television?

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Jeffrey Dahmer?

Mister Flames: John Wayne Gacy Jr. not only murdered his victims, but raped them as well. His targets were young men and boys, and this was nothing new, since he had been convicted in Iowa for sexually assaulting two teenaged boys.

Mister Flames: The Something*Positive example given on the page is in error. While Jhim was there to help grab Mike and dress him up in the Leia Slave outfit, it was Spooky who made the comment "Who am I to try to halt true love?". I don't recall Spooky's sexual preference to have ever been stated in the comic, so the trope doesn't really apply, IMO. I've removed the example, but copied here in case evidence concerning Spooky's sexual preference comes up.

  • Something*Positive, the character Jhim. I'm thinking of the time Mike was scared into thinking he was about to be sodomized, in front of a jeering crowd no less. It was meant to scare him, but some kind of mass hysteria strikes, and the pretend sodomy threatens to become real; the mood quickly shifts from Black Comedy to Nightmare Fuel. The horrified protagonists stop laughing at Mike's predicament and look for a way to rescue him. All except Jhim, that is. In fact, he seems to delight in this turn of events, and it is strongly suggested that this is due to his homosexuality.

Twin Bird: Removed The Joker, because he's been straight or bi Depending on the Writer, and Lex Luthor, what?!

A Different Troper From The First: They were probably watching that Luthor beating up a Superman clone scene from Superman: Doomsday. Depraved Homosexual and Stalker with a Crush are the rational conclusions.

Random Troper: I personally hesitate to include Raikov from Snake Eater under this trope and not just because examples in this trope depress me and make me cynical about how "progressive" society is. Raikov being sadistic and hitting people and Raikov being gay aren't actually that strongly connected, they're different facets of his personality. The only feasible way they could be tied together is the fact that Raikov is allowed to hit people without a care in the world because of his romantic relationship with Volgin and all the perks that come with that (well, that and the fact that Volgin himself is a massive sadist make them a match-made-in-hell-dot-com success story). Now, if any evidence had been given that Raikov's abuse of power via abuse of his subordinates was, in fact, sexual in nature, then I'd be more inclined to label him a 'gay villain' (like Jakotsu or Karasu) as opposed to a 'villain who happens to be gay' (like Sensui and Itsuki).

Kurby: Removed the below example because the natter pretty much explained why it didn't belong their in the first place. The problem was their sexual sadistry(?)/mental illness not that they gay.

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