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Silent Hunter: Is the 24 entry talking about the Day 5 Prequel? Because that was actually aired in the UK.

Citizen: I'm confused. I could have sworn this page listed Higurashi no Naku Koro ni as an example, but it's not even in the page history... Just what is it that I'm remembering? o.o Bah, I'll just do it myself.

Cephas: I think Heroes should be mentioned in All There in the Manual, because they leave a lot of important details in the online graphic novels.

Paul A: I've taken out

  • The Doctor Who serial "Dragonfire" included a literal Cliffhanger in which the reason the Doctor was risking his life wasn't obvious. The writer assured fans it would all make sense in the Novelization.

because that wasn't All There in the Manual (which would mean that the explanation was deliberately left out of the televised version); the reason the Doctor was risking his life was supposed to be obvious in the televised version, but ended up being obscured by bad direction and set design.

Took out the The Fairly Oddparents example, which is one of many that fall into the "I can see how you came to that, but not quite". The manual in that episode was, an actual manual. It has nothing to do to small, but informative tidbits in regard to the backstory or infrastructure of a show being released through supplemential materials such as comics, DV Ds, video games, etc. That should be a trope: Everything Is A Parody. Can't tell you how many times I've ran into that.

Or maybe Did They Read Anything Other Than The Title? Bit of a mouthful though.

ced1106: Is there a trope, "All There In The Manual (which Isn't There)"? This would encompass references to some manual or other important artifact which doesn't really exist, such as HP Lovecraft's Necronomicon.

Paul A: Does Tome of Eldritch Lore match what you have in mind?

Fifthman: Should I put an example in for flight simulators? A typical modern flight sim like LOMAC or Falcon 4.0 has a manual between 100 and 700 pages, not including the in-game tutorials. It feels like a full course in combat aviation.

jfpbookworm: "If this material is necessary to progress in a video game, it becomes a Guide Dang It!." Really? Lots of early games offloaded material to the manual to save space (e.g., spell lists in early Wizardry, Ultima and Might and Magic games, text paragraphs in Wasteland and Dragon Wars) or for copy protection, but needing to keep the manual handy doesn't strike me as the same thing as Guide Dang It!.

Das: Query: where do appendices that are in the book itself but serve the same function as the manual here go? I thought it would be here, but this seems to be for outside sources only - or did I miss something?