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Tenko: Is the .hack one mean only the English one or both? I ask, because her voice is equally horrible in both and the voice actress, Sandy Fox, seems to specialize in that sort of cute in appearance-horrible in sound character.

Danel: I removed a few from here - bad perhaps, but not bad enough, I think. I preserved this:

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here. We can't just mix up So Bad, It's Good and So Bad, It's Horrible this lightly and non-descriptively. And true fandom usually means So Bad, It's Good.

Sotanaht I don't think star ocean belongs on here. I personally never noticed anything particularly bad with it's voice acting. It may not be great, or even good, but its defiantly not horrible. My opinion alone may not be enough to justify removing it though, why im in discussion first.

Nits: Removed the following:
  • In this troper's opinion, the Japanese voice for Goku in Dragonball, DBZ, and DBGT is painful to hear. This also extends to Gohan and Goten.
    • Probably because in the Japanese version they kept the same voice actors for characters even when they're over twenty years older than when they began.

Because one troper's opinion does not weigh more than that of a whole nation. Things So Bad, It's Horrible are supposed to be so horrible that they don't have a fandom, which certainly isn't the case here. (Not to mention that there's no way you could call Nozawa Masako's acting bad, ever. You may not like the sound of her voice, but she's an awesome actor.)
Caswin: Pulling Thundercats. I'll grant you Lynne Lipton, but the rest of the cast... no, not enough.
  • Thunder Cats had exactly two voice actors with anything resembling skill.

Caswin: ...and the Zelda CD-i games. As much as I hate to cut a good word for the series' gameplay, I can't find anything to substantiate those quotes from "critics," and in my own experience, most of the characters' voices are mediocre at worst. I wonder what's for dinner.
  • The Legend of Zelda short noncanonical CD-i series has been almost universally mocked for not only its animation, but also its voice acting, which has been described by critics as "disturbing" and "unprofessional." For proof, see about 70% of YouTube Poops. Interestingly, the gameplay was received comparatively well by critics and players, except for the weird controls typical of CD-i games.

triassicranger: I would like to dispute the Animax example. In order for something to be classified as "Horrible" it means that no one likes it. However the fact I'm seeing (for lack of a better word to describe this) debate over who did the better dub job of Keroro Gunsou (Animax or Funimation) seems to suggest that not everything it dubs is "Horrible".
Antwan: I did all I could, but I can't seem to fix the page so that it can belong on the rest of the index. Can anybody help?
Guest: Pulled the Slayers one, for pretty much the same reason Valkyrie Profile was pulled from here. Besides, how could you call any dub bad when it has Crispin Freeman in it? (Albeit only after a certain point).

triassicranger: I didn't put the entry there but not everyone likes Crispin Freeman. Someone I know disliked his performance in Digimon Data Squad because he lacked emotion or something. Still...not everyone hates Crispin Freeman either.

Guest: So only one person you know disliked his performance in only a single show... and that's your argument? Er... okay then, I suppose. (To be fair, I think he's a bit overrated too, he was incredibly whiny and annoying as Kyon [although that probably had a lot more to do with the character himself rather than the actor] and miscast as Jeremiah, however he was fairly good as Delsus and brilliant as Albedo.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut Dynasty Warriors again. If most players of the game think the acting's So Bad, It's Good, it is.

  • There have been similarly terrible examples in the Dynasty Warriors series as well. There's a a moment in Dynasty Warriors 3 when Yellow Turban officer Zhang Bao decides to use a spell against you. In the cutscene he vaguely waves his hands around a little while inviting you to "feel the power of my...maaaahhhhhh-giiiiiiiccc." He's actually kind of a fan favourite specifically because he speaks like that.

Caswin: Adult Simba? Um. No. If you want irredeemable horribleness, you look elsewhere. He doesn't qualify.

cut the ffiv example because this page requires things to be universaly considered horrible

Excel-2010. I must be the only one who was able to tolerate Fuuka. Metis, on the other hand...
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here. So Bad, It's Good and So Bad, It's Horrible are mutually exclusive. Restore these entries only if they're truly Horrible — and, judging from what I read here, don't restore Resident Evil 4 or 5 at all.

  • The Resident Evil series is practically the king of this trope. A poorly-acted character is expected in each new game.
    • At least none of them are anywhere near as bad as the first. And none of the first are anywhere near as bad as Richard Aiken, the guy who got bitten by the giant snake. Was he dying from the gaping fang holes in his torso or just sleepy?
    • These could also be considered So Bad, It's Good depending on how you feel.
    • Subverted in RE 4, where the voice acting was actually fairly decent. Of course, there was still a lousy script and copious hamminess, but that's par for the course.
    • RE 5's VA is pretty decent as well. It's really just the first few games in the series that are bad.
      • Except for Irving.
      • Of course, Irving can, like the rest of the series' Voice work, be considered So Bad its Good.

NCZ: Cut the Sonic Adventure games from the list. What the hell were they doing on here? They are most definitely So Bad, It's Good. Besides, the acting in Sonic Adventure 2 was a lot better, particularly from Deem Bristow. Not only that, but most Sonic fans (in a rare moment of agreement) consider the "Watch out. You're gonna crash. AAH." thing to be Narm Charm instead of groan worthy.
Caswin: Are the voice clips of Arceus supposed to sound terrible? I'm afraid I don't hear it. His voice actor, whoever he is, sounds... passable at worst.