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Discar: Negi's pactio card listed his "class" as "magisirulus magi." Anyone have a translation?

Someone put "If, as some state, it is Pupa Somnians, it would translate to "Dreaming Doll."" on Chachamaru's artifact section. While this is written on her pactio card, and is a correct translation, it is not referring to her artifact. If someone can figure out what it is referring to (I think it's a "class" for the partner, but I'm not sure cuz I don't know Latin, so I can't go back and check the other cards), it would be great if we could get that fixed.

Medinoc: By the way, shouldn't we add these pactio card subtitles to the girls anyway?

Japanese Teeth: If you know what they are, go for it.

Unit Omega: The titles for the partners are different from the name for the artifacts, which don't appear to be displayed on the cards anywhere. Negima! Wiki has all the card images though, and I know enough latin (And latin translation sites) to add the titles. Someone should probably double check after I've added them, though, just to be sure. EDIT: Okay, added as many as I could with translation. The other's didn't have large and/or clear enough images for me to see. Except for Haruna's, which I can see clearly, but the first word is a feminine form for some word I don't recognize, can't find, and can't get to translate. The other one roughly translates to comedy/comedic, so If I had to take a stab at it, I'd say her title is "Comedy Writer/Maker" or something similar, but didn't want to throw that up until I can confirm.

Discar: I'm gonna start adding pactios (spoilers as necessary) for as many characters as I can recall, but I really only remember the artifacts, and even then, rarely the names. If someone could help shore that up, maybe add the color and other things that appear on the pactio cards, that would be great.

Still Waters: There you go. It could probably benefit from a bit of description for Nodoka, Mana and Chachamaru, and a lot less for the other characters, but I'm spent.

Japanese Teeth: I might get around to it later, although I don't know if I'll have time. Also, I'm a bit curious where you got a certain piece of info about Asuna:

"In the first chapter already, her athletic abilities, sight and hearing are shown to be off the chart; she can punch through extremely mages' barrier and unsummon any demon with a whack of her sword; she also has no pubic hair."

I've read through the entire series like 3 times and I don't remember that at all. When on earth is that revealed? I'm assuming it's during one of the bath scenes, but that doesn't narrow it down a whole lot.

Schizo Technician: volume 7, as I recall. When Negi gets into a fight with her, he insults her by refering to the fact that she has a "paipan". According to the translator's notes, this literally means "shorn", as in shaved pubic hair, but can also refer to it not having grown in yet.

Japanese Teeth: Ah, Okay.

Rogue 7: Added a description for Nodoka and an entry for Kaede. We've only got 3 members of Ala Alba left undescribed (Paru, Asakura, and Ku Fei), and I think at least Ku Fei deserves an entry. After that, we may as well go whole hog. I'll do this in a bit. And Still Waters, props for doing this, as well as for summing up why Setsuna's arguably my favorite character in the Ensemble Darkhorse entry.

Evil Midnight Lurker: Still Waters, thanks for being so prompt. :) Would it be too cute to give the girls their seating chart numbers (eg "#1 Sayo Aisaka" ?)

Still Waters: I'd think so, yes. It's very fannish and absolutely irrelevant to briefly explaining the role the characters have in the story and the tropes relating to them. It would only bloat this page more than it already is.

Discar: Natsumi's up.

Evil Midnight Lurker: I think Negi is demonstrably not Welsh. He was moved to Wales after the attack on his village, implying that he spent the first few years of his life in a village somewhere other than Wales, and it's suggested that that same village was where Nagi himself grew up, implying non-Welsh descent in general...

Rogue 7: Possibly, but as of right now there's no evidence for it. And while "Negi" is not a Welsh or even British name by any stretch of the imagination, I (as an American) have no problem with "Springfield." Best to leave it until more info comes out would be my advice.

Charred Knight: That only makes sense if there is only one village in wales. While I have not been to wales, I can safely say that there is more than one village their. Also Negi is Japanese for the Welsh Onion, and I highly doubt that its a coincedence. My understanding is that when the village was attacked, Negi, Anya, and Neko moved to a nearbye town, and the petrified villagers where moved to the school. Most likely the town Negi, Anya, and Neko moved to was nearbye the school so Anya could visit her mother. It makes no sense for them to go to a place that was far away, and attempt to move an entire town across the British countryside.

Still Waters: re: Eva's middle name. Every time her name is spelled out in romaji and in english, it's KITTY (yep, all caps). The Ecaterina is only in the various latinate inscriptions, and I'd presume it's in that form because they couldn't think of a good latin diminutive. (I agree it's a bit absurd for someone born around 1300 to have such a middle name, but I'm guessing the Rule of Funny reigned supreme, here)

al103: Anya is also Anya in every place in manga... exept she is NOT Anya in he full name but Anna. And author was very consistent with names, latin, greek and other "little" things so far. So i don't buy Rule of Funny here (also because it's ended in this manga in vol.3)... Also I don't remember Kitty from anyone but Imma...

Rogue 7: Just a commentary and something I've noticed: Dear lord, Negi's gotten tall. He's about a head shorter than Nodoka here, and assuming that they're both standing up at this point, he's now taller than her. I wish I could have that kind of growth boost...
  • Japanese Teeth: I don't think that she's standing. The last time we saw her, she was crouching/kneeling behind Negi, and given all the crap that happened in the intervening period, it's not unlikely that she got knocked off her feet or just decided to keep her head down. Then again, it's entirely possible that all of the Year Inside, Hour Outside training he does, he could have had a growth spurt, although even then, growing a foot and half in a year is a bit much.
    • al103: If you consider that it was 0.5 year JUST in real world + at least of 1 year beyond that of compressed time... and really more like 1.5. Is 2 years enough? Given that i have seen examples of 20sm in 2 month definitely yes.

Larry D: I notice Konoka's skills have advanced too. She now has a permanent activation key and can do magic arrows, on top of her usual healing spells. No longer defenseless. EDIT: fixed link.

Nemesis91: I've seen a bunch of stuff regarding Tsukuyomi that states she loses her glasses at some point fighting Setsuna and cannot see without them... Can someone post the chapter that that's shown? Because I looked over their fights in chapters 43 and 227-8, but can't see a single moment in either where she loses her glasses... (Also, Larry D, I think you put a different link than you meant to.)

Still Waters: Late answer, but the glassless Tsukuyomi happens in chapter 32. She gets blown off by Asuna and Setsuna and this sends her glasses flying. She's not seen until the last panel of the chapter, when she's waving her arms around and making a DX face while moaning "glasses".

Nemesis91: Ah, right, I see it now. Thanks!

Is that really a Super-Powered Evil Side ? In my opinion, it looks a bit more like Berserk Button + Unstoppable Rage + One-Winged Angel (or maybe Super Mode), he is blind with rage, but has not shown anything like a distinctly different personality.

Japanese Teeth: It counts in the sense that Negi is obviously not in control of himself while it's active; he's effectively being controlled by the Magia Erebea and has to fight to regain control of himself. Normally, Negi controls the Black Magic, but this is what happens when it starts controlling him. It's not a it's own personality, per se, but Negi is obviously not in conscious control. Even so, a Superpowered Evil Side isn't necessarily an independent being. It's literally the evil side of the host's personality giving him additional power, so in this case it qualifies.

No Limit: Considering how large the page has become, can we put everything into folders? I tried myself, but I can't seem to do it right.

Japanese Teeth: I'm experimenting with putting some images in for the characters. I'm keeping them small, so they shouldn't slow down the page much. If they do, I'll take them out. Not sure if everybody will get a picture, but the major characters (Negi, Asuna, etc.) should have them. EDIT: Damnit, finding a good image for Anya was a pain in the ass...

sci: I'm wondering whether Negi is Trope Overdosed or Troperiffic himself or not. Do we even apply those to a single character ?