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Tanto: There are all sorts of things wrong with this. Let me see if I can sum up.

  1. Conversation in the Main Page.
  2. It seems kinda dumb to talk about how one trope, which is one of the oldest and most famous entries on the wiki, is actually another, which was split off of it something like two weeks ago, as though it's the most obvious thing on the goddamn planet. That example predates Batman Gambit in its entirety! If you want to effectively split Batman Gambit off Xanatos Gambit, try simply inserting it where appropriate instead of just pointing it out and sitting back smugly.
  3. For a page which is intended as a predefined message for shooting down YKTTW entries, it seems counterintuitive to start listing exceptions.
  4. Conversation in the Main Page. I said that already, but it bears repeating.

Lord TNK: I just deleted the Xanatos Roulette example. The thing is that there is a clear distinction. The gambit (either Batman or Xanatos) is based on things that could reasonably be planned for. The roulette is for things that cannot be reasonably planned for, since they ignore things like the laws of probability.
  • I also deleted the Ass Pull example. An ass pull is similar to a deus ex machina, but it applies to things other than saving or ruining the day, while the Index Ex Machina tropes apply directly to those.

ccoa: Isn't Nightmare Fuel Unleaded when it scares both adults and children inadvertently, while Nightmare Fuel is when it's only scary to children?

fleb: Relationship Sues aren't always magical types. They can be pretty varied, as long as they're attached to a character and never let go.

Seriously, 'cotton to'? I checked a dictionary, and this is a proper phrase, but do people really use this, or even know the meaning without looking it up or guessing? Could this perhaps be replaced with a variation of 'appreciate', 'like', or 'accept' instead?

Solarn: I was under the impression that while The Ditz still has a concept of reality even while being airheaded and quirky (and a Cloud Cuckoolander is still coherent while being completely divorced from reality), the The Ditz is a character who is completely nonsensical and doesn't even follow any internal logic. Which is a definitive difference between these three. So I'm not sure this example should be here.

Also, "all the time" is an important enough difference to necessitate two separate tropes. There's a huge difference between Breaking the Fourth Wall in a show otherwise maintaining its existence, and a show that doesn't have it in the first place.