Tactical/Elemental Rock Paper Scissors + limited options and resources = challenge

A person who is seen as a better parent then their own parents

A character is held in contempt by both sides of an argument, including the one he's closer to.

Stereotype of Canadian cops.

A fantastic setting that blends elements of interrelated Real Life cultures without being based on any one of them in particular.

Instructions say to use just a bit, but a lot is used.

Hunk of meat with the bone sticking out of both ends.

Robots that can make very specific works.

A "doctor" who is really a con artist

We made this for April Fools... then we made it for real.

For some reason, French settings are often accompanied by accordion music.

A Book Dumb character makes a massive error that anyone could have known (In Universe equivalent to Critical Research Failure).

A person chooses a job because they were saved by a person from the same job area.

A lone violin accompanies a sentimental, romantic, intense, or Tear Jerker moment.

A work that is no longer as kid friendly as it used to be still has lots of merchandise marketed to kids, often even more than before.

If it's from my country it's no good.

One or more members of the Omniscient Council Of Vagueness are absent.

Robots with disportionately large forearms and/or lower legs.

A house seaside, a home inside.

Quick and simple massively multiplayer online Web Games

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