A dead person appears before some sort of judge, who evaluates their actions in life to determine their fate after death.

A song whose name is the same of the performer.

A story about characters playing an RPG.

Converting weapons of war into peaceful use.

When your main character is called Tom or Thomas or Tommy

Robots with disportionately large forearms and/or lower legs.

When a real fan of a fictional character writes a letter to the character.

Fantasy meals consist of foods such as cheese, peasant bread, stew/broth and sausages.

Just For Fun - How To Get The Audience To Consider You A Character Worth Cheering For

A hot-tempered, perfectionist chef.

A mortal decides to take the role of God into their hands

[INDEX] List of media originating from Serbia

Second version, as the old TLP is no longer editable.

While on a mission, a mole falls in love. When s/he is exposed, his/her lover breaks up with him/her. Finally, s/he will redeem him/herself.

Someone tries to shoot someone else with a gun, only for the gun to run out of ammo at the last moment.

Everyone at sea is horny, all the time.

Dating is hard for trans characters.

A girl having her hair brushed as a sign of closeness

A single sock can ruin your whites.

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