An index about characters quitting or giving up on something.

Cooks at restaurants and establishments are cranky and ill-tempered.

Mammoths being used to symbolize the (or an) Ice Age and the associated cold and barbarism.

A person loses weight, and things go horribly wrong

All kinds of foods showcased as items in a game.

Page for all the people inducted to the WWE hall of fame

Quick and simple massively multiplayer online Web Games

Not-a-Hugo for new writers

The Film Of The Book is actually two films.

Squishy Wizard + Mighty Glacier

Being romantically pursued by an unknowing blood relative.

A character's Freudian Excuse, personal problems or sad backstory cannot be used to justify their current evil or less-than-moral actions.

Being able to alter reality with ink and brush

The great power of a being makes it a problem for people nearby.

Expy of the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.

The appearance of the milkman indicates that someone has been awake all night.

An artificial intelligence or robot risks its own harm or destruction in order to save a human.

The intent behind an action (especially of one that happened in ancient times) is readjusted to fit a particular ideology.

A situation in which someone gets on a plane then reveals they are scared of flying, and the ensuing story (character development trope)

The ruler of The Empire rules forever.

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