A character interrupts themselves or somebody else by sneezing.

A plot that focuses on a character losing their voice.

A montage of images made when taking a perp's mugshot.

Reminder moments for characters (and sometimes the audience) that a character is differently-abled.

An index of works created for the internet in the 2010s.

Where non-humans disguise themselves as a means to blend in with people

When a supposed clothing item on a character is actually an attached appendage.

Tiny people living inside hollowed-out mushrooms.

Hyenas in a work are evil.

A work displays chapter titles onscreen throughout the course of the story.

An innocent person holds an item that makes him look guilty.

Two kinds of Extremity Extremists battle

Same-gender couples that consist of one very masculine individual and one very feminine individual.

Men not used to luxury find it hard to sleep in a soft bed.

When an singer acknowledges that sometimes fame isn't all that cracked up to be.

Someone who used to bully another pulls a complete 180 and becomes their closest friend.

When an antagonist is insane (instead of simply evil) the focus becomes altruistically getting them "the help they need."

A significant character in a horror work wears a raincoat

A building/structure that acts significantly weaker than its real life counterpart.

Where a series acts like having curls is negative, or a character gets mocked for their hair

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