When the final season of a show is shorter than normal

Fantasy meals consist of foods such as cheese, peasant bread, stew/broth and sausages.

A character uses their emotions to receive an answer to a question, concern, or decision through their feelings and instincts.

Animals being depicted as colorblind, when it's scientifically inaccurate.

A purebred animal is used to play a mixed breed.

A fan-made original video game based off an existing property.

A film index for films set around prison

A character's ethnicity is disguised by their unusual attributes

Inaccurate portrayals of the dinosaur Dilophosaurus.

An index of media from Colombia.

A fantastic setting has mundane concerns

Everyone at sea is horny, all the time.

A character wanted for diverse reasons and with one or both sides after him/her.

A dead person appears before some sort of judge, who evaluates their actions in life to determine their fate after death.

Dating is hard for trans characters.

In monochrome works, characters colors don't match how they're shaded.

A girl having her hair brushed as a sign of closeness

Someone tries to shoot someone else with a gun, only for the gun to run out of ammo at the last moment.

An episode where the title is a codename.

When your main character is called Tom or Thomas or Tommy

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