Reviews: Spiders Web A Pigs Tale

The most unintentionally funny film I\'ve ever seen.

This is one of the funniest, most fucked-up (in the WTF way) films I've ever seen. Nothing makes sense. There is a farm with talking animals who are probably aware of their dietary fates, yet a farmer is nowhere in sight. The horses are raci - er, I mean speciesist towards spiders, and no one calls them out on this. Aliens show up out of nowhere, leave just as quickly as they came, and nobody even acknowledges the absurdity. There is a rip-off town of Hollywood called Viperwood consisting solely of snakes, and get this, even one who speaks Japanese (and more amazingly, his speech is correct!) The villian's plan is to turn the hero, a pig named Walter (much like Wilbur, from the E.B. tale) into bacon, which is made bizarrely cannibalistic by the fact that no humans are shown on-screen!note 

Am I looking too deeply into it? Probably. After all, this "film" was more likely than not cranked out by a hack writer trying to make a quick buck. The animation is horrendous, the voice acting gives the people at 4Kids a run for their money, and the only thing that seemed to have any real effort put into it was the accurate translation and pronunciation of the Japanese snake's dialogue. Even so, this movie is delightfully absurdist & well worth a watch. It deserves to be seen. Overall score: 12/10.