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Naylor, what the hell are you doing?
In my review of Naylor's previous creation, Better Days, I said "For better or worse, it's the creator baring his soul." And so is Original Life, and it is undeniably a step down. Better Days was not always pleasnt, but it had a real story to tell. Every chapter had a beginning, a middle, an end and most importantly, a point. But Original Life?

This comic lacks any kind of structure. Gag-a-day strips are alternated with arcs, arcs are suddenly abandoned, only to be picked up again a year later or never at all and any serious treatment of a topic will sooner or later devolve into inappropriate jokes. Lacking the narrative structure that Better Days had, this comic feels like Naylor throws whatever comes up to him on the screen, without any censors other than to hold back blatantly pornographic content for his "pornfolios".

It's a mess, and nothing exemplifies this better than the muffin arc. Give that the comic only updates twice a week, it went by glacially slow. And even foregoing for a moment the objection that children are unable to moralise in this way, this story is beyond Mood Whiplash. Is it supposed to be a serious treatment of a comedic subject or a comedic treatment of a serious subject? I have no idea, so all it manages to be is monumentally stupid.

I'm sorry if this review is coming across as disjointed, but that's only because I'm trying to wrap my head around this baffling, disjointed comic, which is currently in the middle of a fitness arc and apparently playing a rape attempt for laughs. At least Better Days treated it with the seriousness it deserves.
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