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My first review...probably a bad one
Okay before I start, I must point out that it's my first time reviewing, that Victory is the only game I actually played (though I did researched the other installments mainly due to having Spoiler Hound tendencies, and my brother did get mk2) and that my review will probably wind up bad as a result. There might be some spoilers. I got the game on a whim because as a gamer I like the idea of stories about self-aware games (It's also why I like Wreck-It Ralph, though the two are kinda beyond comparison).

The Good:
  • The storyline is very decent. Full of references and in-jokes to various games and consoles and some Funny Moments all around.
  • The character portraits and special attack animations are also very impressive (though for the former they might seem average at best if you were expecting more movement then the faces and bosoms)
  • The Lily system is a nice workaround to the Arbitrary Headcount Limit of 4, and the gameplay is great but may have some issues.

The Bad:
  • Outside the specials and Cutscenes, there are still some graphical problems. The amount of unique monsters are rather low, so you'll be fighting mostly Palette Swaps. I actually like the palette swap concept, but there are a lot of cases were monsters share the same model and color scheme. Models aren't the only thing getting repeated. Every dungeon shares a theme with another dungeon, with only 1-2 maps for each theme. I really haven't seen enough of mk2 or the first game to make a comparison but it seems to be a definite improvement, but it still has a way to go with the graphics.
  • You'll be wondering "How the hell did this get a T rating?" once you see Iris Heart in action.

Overall I found it to be a fun game. But You shouldn't take my word for it. I would suggest at least reading a more experienced review. Still if you're into self-aware video games, this game is worth a try.
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