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Forsaken Gods review

In short: if you are going to get yourself this addon, then either in a bundle, or via illegal means. Getting it separately will invariably result in you feeling cheated out of your money.

Even if you get yourself all of the community-made patches, Forsaken Gods is still an empty, unfulfilling experience with various shortcomings and mistakes showing through - just devoid of Game Breaking Bugs, broken models and such.

I'll concentrate on probably the biggest problem that no patch can fix: the story is a downright laughing stock, at least in how it was implemented. Because even after your heroic deeds during the base game, everyone still expects you do to some ridiculously low-brow errands, while your character, who Took a Level in Jerkass, keeps fuming about it in the most overly melodramatic ways. Speaking of that, the dialogue at times gets just downright hilarious, with everyone constantly overacting their ridiculously cheesy lines (although the overacting might apply only to the Polish version). Nobody talks in a way a normal human would (both in delivery and in the way their lines are written), and a lot of it feels like watching a society of aliens from some faraway galaxy.

The entire plot of the addon consists of you being endlessly sidetracked by really annoying, stubborn NPCs who refuse to do whatever you want them to do until you do a bajillion stupid errands, and each and every time they come up with some bullsh*t excuse for why nobody else can do it. The part where you try to get to talk to your old friend Lee is the worst of them all, because not only is the guardian absolutely infuriating, but after giving you a bunch of long and tedious quests, he apparently stops trying to be subtle anymore and pulls two insultingly basic Fetch Quests out of his ass - ones that, once again, apparently NOBODY else in the ENTIRE city could have done. And even after he FINALLY lets you in, you STILL can't beat his ass into a pulp, because he's STILL marked as invulnerable. UGH.

And this is basically how the entire addon plays out. This isn't even mentioning things like it being ridiculously easy to die even in the strongest of armors, as well as other problems...

However, I'm amazed how much continuity managed to sneak in the game despite being made by a different team. A sign that someone in there was actually trying...