Reviews: Jellyneo Altador Cup VI

Back to Roleplaying!

Thanks a lot guys! I haven't roleplayed in about 3 or so months because my computer would die every time I'd play World Of Warcraft, I used to roleplay horribly on there, so I wasn't sure if I should join it. A month or two ago, I discovered this. I thought I was too late to join, though, until I checked on someone who asked Moogi if it was too late, and it wasn't. So, I finally decided to join. As a Mirsha Fangirl, I decided to roleplay as her. It gave me the chance to fully interpret her as I wanted to, as in her backstory, and her personality. I thought that she was somewhat of a comedic relief character, in the roleplay, with her Shipper On Deck tendencies and whatnot. I'm very glad to be writing an arc around her and her (my interpretation, guys) sister, Derlyn. It's a lot of fun, I admit it, daydreaming about the arc at school, and on the bus. I loved hanging lampshades on the arc as a whole. Giving the background information about the arc is fun, as well. I have a few possible endings for the arc. I loved taking part in this roleplay so far. Thank you guys, for allowing me to roleplay again. I never knew how much I missed roleplaying, until I took part in this.

Signed, Windy

Thank You, Moogi, For Working a Miracle

Let me just say this right from the get-go: I didn't originally want to join this roleplay. As a matter of fact, my first roleplay experience was so awful that I almost gave up doing it entirely. My character had been left kidnapped for three months, the players were barely active, there were tons of loose plot threads, and after a while, I didn't feel like one of them. But enough about that, since you probably don't care.

After some convincing from Moogi, one of the roleplayers who'd gotten out of my roleplay when the getting was good, I finally decided to give the genre a second chance with the ACVI. This was, quite simply, one of the best decisions I've ever made on the site, if not the best.

On the original roleplay, my character Valka served no significance to the plotline and was basically a Load. Despite this, I tried it again with her. To my surprise, though, Valka (and in turn, myself) was taken in immediately. She became part of the main group, and turned into a comic relief character, a Friendly Rival, a Violently Protective say the least, this Valka was at least one hundred times more awesome, one that I am proud of writing. I can list out my favorite arcs here: the Poisoning Arc (which showed just how willing Valka is to protect the one she loves), the Brainwashed Valka Arc, the Valeria Arc, the Tandrak/Valka Freaky Friday Switch Arc, the Long-Lost Father Arc, anything with Star Corporations...suffice to say, I like every part of it. And best of all, I have formed such a friendship with Moogi and Clouds, much more than I ever could have in the other roleplay.

I have loved playing as Valka, Etoile, Stelle, Kotose, Rose, Kaine, and the various other characters. This is not only a great roleplay, but it gives me the chance to express my Shipper on Deck tendencies (Layka...squee!)

To keep it short and sweet, you have restored my faith in roleplay, Moogi. And no one, not even Star Corporations, can change that.

Signed, Raven