Reviews: Insane Clown Posse

ICP is good.

Okay, since there's a word limit imposed on these things that keeps me from actually conveying intelligent thought because "words are haaarrrrd", I guess I'll just keep this as brief and simple as possible, m'kay?

Are they good? Yes.

Are they the best? Not nearly.

Why are they good? Because they're creative, funny, self-aware, and more intelligent than recent memes would give them credit for.

Why are they not so good? Because on a scale of 1 to 10 in rapping talent, they clock in at about a 5 or 5.5 on average and a 7 or 8 only on their absolute best days.

Do you recommend them? Yes.

Why? Because you should expand your horizons beyond the rap you hear on the radio. ICP is so fundamentally different from nearly every other type of rap out there, that you can't really compare them thematically to any other rappers. Listen to them. If you like 'em, great. If you don't, also great. Just don't be a cock about it.

But what about Juggalos? What about them? You shouldn't judge an artist based on their fanbase. The majority of humans are stupid, therefore it stands to reason that the majority of any group is going to be just as stupid. If you can't put up with Juggalos, just don't go to any concerts. Simple as that. Stop whining about it.

Are you just kissing ass because you're a Juggalo? No. ICP aren't even my favorite rappers. I'm a Juggalo because they got me into rap in the first place and showed me that it could be more than just pointless ego-stroking, and because I agree with their messages.

Will you just calm the heck down already? I will when I get the chance to write an intelligent review without having my speech capacity stifled.

Can I leave now? Yes. This review is over. Goodbye.

Is the Dark Carnival for you?

Let me just say that if you have a strong dislike for violence, profanity, clowns, or crude humor you can probably just conclude right now that you won't like ICP and skip the rest of this review. If you don't mind those things however, I suggest you read on. ICP are without a doubt one the most unique bands ever to come along with songs ranging from the downright creepy, to fairly lighthearted, to just plan insane. They blend a lot of different elements together in their songs so even if you hate the band as a whole, chances are there is at least one song you'll like. But with themes ranging from violent killings sprees to the afterlife it is most definitely not for everyone.

Still, if you like their style and want to listen to something new I highly recommend you check them out. Just be warned in advance that they pull no punches and if you are easily offended they are most likely not for you. They won't hesitate to talk, er, rap about sensitive subjects that many people would like to avoid. In short, they are much like the Faygo they love so much. While they may be seen as less talented when compared to more mainstream sodas like Pepsi or Mountain Dew, they still have many tasty flavors that, while many dislike, fans will absolutely love. If horrorcore is your thing I highly recommend you give them a listen, you won't regret it.

Much clown love!

One of the best bands ever. ICP have a unique music style combining hip hop with elements ranging from funk to jazz. If you look past the over-the-top horror themes, there's a lot of great, positive messages in the band's lyrics. And they're really funny guys, too. Their comedy songs are not the only highlight of the band's music, as they've got a number of really good, genuinely scary horror songs, and subtle political themes and discussion. ICP pioneered the hip hop concept album, and there's a very good reason why they are legends in the field of underground rap. Their homegrown record label, Psychopathic Records, has spawned some of the best and most unique rappers you've never heard of, with styles ranging from Native American hip hop (Anybody Killa) to Country rap (Boondox) to serial killer rap (Twiztid). ICP deserve as much clown love as they can get.

They're...they're just not very good

I don't hate Juggalos, I don't, I don't understand Juggalos either, and I think "Whoop whoop" is an abomination of a rallying call, but I don't hate this often maligned group. What I do hate however, is their music. ICP sucks, they suck hard, almost every aspect of their music is awful, as rappers, their rhymes are lazy, slow, stupid, and have less flow than glaciers. Their beats are dull and forgettable, their videos are just lazy and rely way to heavily on After Effects, and while for the longest time I thought they were a "comedy" group (Not like being a comedy group excuses poor musicianship) but their rabid fan support makes me believe that they're trying to be deep? The Dark Carnival? Shangri-La? People take that shit seriously? I don't get it.

And the worst part? Out of all the members of Psychopathic Records, ICP is probably the best. Boondox, Twiztid, they're even worse! How is that possible! Here's a solution, avoid this stupid, stupid band, their stupid, stupid lyrics, and their stupid, stupid face paint. Go drink your Faygo somewhere else, because there's no motherfucking clown love from me.