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Reviews Comments: They're...they're just not very good Insane Clown Posse whole series review by Phrederic

I don't hate Juggalos, I don't, I don't understand Juggalos either, and I think "Whoop whoop" is an abomination of a rallying call, but I don't hate this often maligned group. What I do hate however, is their music. ICP sucks, they suck hard, almost every aspect of their music is awful, as rappers, their rhymes are lazy, slow, stupid, and have less flow than glaciers. Their beats are dull and forgettable, their videos are just lazy and rely way to heavily on After Effects, and while for the longest time I thought they were a "comedy" group (Not like being a comedy group excuses poor musicianship) but their rabid fan support makes me believe that they're trying to be deep? The Dark Carnival? Shangri-La? People take that shit seriously? I don't get it.

And the worst part? Out of all the members of Psychopathic Records, ICP is probably the best. Boondox, Twiztid, they're even worse! How is that possible! Here's a solution, avoid this stupid, stupid band, their stupid, stupid lyrics, and their stupid, stupid face paint. Go drink your Faygo somewhere else, because there's no motherfucking clown love from me.


  • 4th Dec 10
Aren't there ice flows on glaciers? I guess you could say they flow a lot then.


Also, I agree, ICP is morbidly bad. Awful rhymes, terrible beats and they rely too much on "shock value".

Fuckin' magnets indeed.

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