Reviews: Bruno Mars

An increasingly solid pop artist.

When I first heard Bruno Mars, I pretty much dismissed him out of hand. And to be fair, at first, that wasn't necessarily a mistake.

"Grenade" and "Just The Way You Are" are competent but fairly bland songs, and "The Lazy Song" was kind of the inverse. All that said, he started to get more interesting as he, strangely enough, aped better artists.

"Treasure" was a fun disco song, and "Locked Out Of Heaven" was a great song in the style of The Police.

And then there was "Uptown Funk", which intense overplay didn't make any less awesome. 24k Magic furthered that with the great Title Track, the solid "That's What I Like" and "Perm" which they better make a single because it's awesome.

Bruno Mars seems to be more comfortable doing homage songs than he is doing more "original" stuff. Which is fine by me.

He's effectively the music's industry Jack-of-All-Trades, and I think it's good to have at least one of those around. You can put him in just about anything, and as long as the rest of the song can back it up, he'll make it work.