Reviews: Brentalfloss

An idiom unto himself.

Upon first being made aware of the workings of one Brent L. Floss, I was initially skeptical. After all, how much enjoyment could one feasibly expect from someone inventing lyrics for classic video game tunes? It wasn't exactly a new concept. Well... one "Wii Shop Channel with lyrics" later and... I found my answer. You see... Mr. Floss doesn't just make humorous lyrics of varying relevance, oh no. I mean, even if that were his only talent, he'd probably be the best in the world at it.

No, you see... every other line that escapes Mr. Floss' golden gizzard is suffused with a god-given sense of razor-sharp wit. Enhanced by his obvious passion for games, it's a rare gift that entertains and educates. Heck, many of the songs are even somewhat scathing regarding some flaws inherent in the source material... but he's never overly malicious about it. His staunch defiance of acting like a fanboy and willingness to stand by his own opinions, even if you don't always agree, just enhances the man's legitimacy and consequently, the fun factor.

Oh, and the guy's got a more than decent set of pipes and plays instruments like nobody's business. Hey, leave a little bit for the rest of us, huh? He pretty much makes anyone in his field seem comparatively redundant. The only situation in which I find myself even entertaining the notion of seeking out someone else is if he hasn't done a certain song... which, when he gets around to it, will probably only ever reach its full potential with his treatment of it, anyway. A real One-Man Army...

But he's not just funny, oh no. There are plenty of genuinely heartwarming moments to be found as well. For one, the juxtaposition of the darkly humorous notion of people-eating Yoshis and the story of Yoshi's Island is something that just has to be seen (and heard) to be believed. It's like the greatest Pixar short never made. And you just know the guy means every word of the "Mario Paint" song, which I suspect had no small part in influencing Mr. Floss' career choice.

As eager to jump into VGM's overlooked back catalog as he is at tackling the stalwart classics, Mr. Floss is nothing short of a fantastic ambassador of the joy and passion that video games inspire at its finer moments. And for that, I applaud him.