Reviews: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

  • Nazo
  • 18th Jul 17
  • 0

It\'s funny because it fails at almost every level

I've only watched eleven episodes before writing this. I honestly believe that eleven episodes should be enough to stablish the setting and pick the viewers' interest.

Now, there is no way around this, so I'll just say it: Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch is one of the worst anime I've ever seen. At its best, it often has me rolling on the floor laughing, while its worst episodes are actually very hard to sit through.

So, why do I think this sucks so much?

The basic plot is not bad: a group of mermaid princesses must live their lives as human teenagers while trying to save the ocean from a group of sea demons that want to take over it, all while dealing with their love lives. However, the execution is incredibly poor, and the notion that someone could enjoy it unironically for a reason other than nostalgia baffles me. Here are my reasons:

The animation is terrible: as the YMMV page puts it, characters tend to look like something out of DeviantArt, with strange proportions and facial expressions, and spend most of the time being Off Model. Backgrounds look amateurish at best, and it's clear the studio didn't have a lot of budget, because the amount of scenes that get reused within each episode is staggering, even for an anime.

The setting is boring as hell. Or rather, the way it's presented to us: eleven episodes in, and I know next to nothing about the world the show takes place in. We almost never see the kingdoms the protagonists are supposed to save, so I see no reason to care about the presumably thousands of people that are in danger

But you might say, "You don't get it! The whole saving-the-ocean thing is just an excuse to show the characters' lives, and how they fall in love and such!". And I would tell you: you're right. But there's one problem...

The characters suck. The protagonist, Lucia, is whiny, melodramatic, inmature, airheaded, and I see no reason to care about anything that happens to her. Her romantic interest is a sexist jerk who doesn't recognize her when she grows a tail, and both of them together have the chemistry of a chair and a bar of soup. Lucia's friend Hannon's main personality trait is that she's in love with her teacher. Her other friend, Rina, is kinda cool, but the show so far hasen't developed her past "broody and misterious girl", . The villain, Gaito (or whatever his name's official romanization is) is incredibly non-threatening: all he does is fuck around in his swimming pool, doing nothing while a buch of scantly clad ladies who are in love with him for some reason fail at every basic task he orders them.

The word limit prevents me from talking about everything I'd like to, but, if you don't wanna believe me, check it for yourself. Maybe you'll enjoy it more. But if you ask me, it looks like a list of everything not to do while writing a show.