Reviews: Chobits

I liked it better when it was funny and kinda cute (Anime review)

So, Chobits. I checked it out cause I was curious and didn't know what to expect. And certainly didn't know what it would turn into.

It starts a light-hearted romantic comedy that centers on Country Mouse Hideki and a Persocom he found in the trash who he names Chii, because that's all she can say at that point. It actually gets pretty funny at times, such as when Hideki is banging on the floor in frustration in one episode and Chii, still trying to learn human behavior, is next to him doing the same thing yelling "CHIIIIII". Classic. Hearing Crispin Freeman play a hammy goofball is pretty great, too.

Eventually, though, things start taking a turn for the weird. Right around the point Chii finds that book. From then on, shish gets crazy. Without spoiling things, there are so many tonal shifts that it ends up becoming some sort of weird sci-fi drama rather than a romcom. And, to be honest... I preferred the romcom. There came a point where I just found watching the show a slog due to how bloated the episodes had become. It almost felt as if the story was made up as it went along. Either that or, contrary to that one YMMV entry, it does know what it wants to be, but changes its mind halfway through. Either way, it's not a very good change. Not horrible, but just kinda dull.