Reviews: Bobobobo Bobobo

Wackiness with a side of Plot

As the first actual anime I watched, due to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! being dubbed by 4kids (I have nothing against 4kids, but I had never watched an anime that doesn't revolve around magical monters), I enjoyed it immensely. It was very good, even though from the promos I thought I would hate it. Some episodes were a little too weird for me to watch, but it was a good series.

Now, the plot was a mix of good, bad and weird. The thought of having one's hair shaved off scared me a little, as I was very young at the time, but looking back, it was a weird motive for wanting to put an end to the empire that the main characters lived in. It later on was more or less forgotten in favor of taking down the Big Four of the empire.

Sure, it had its faults, as I've lost track of how many times Don Patch/Poppa Rocks tried to steal the spotlight from Beauty or when Beauty freaks out, but it's a good series to watch if you want a break from reality.

Perhaps one of the silliest things out there...

After re-watching some episodes, I managed to form a solid opinion of Bobobo. To put it blunt, the entire series runs on the Rule Of Funny. Attempts to categorize the show logically is a clear case of doing it wrong. Your best bet to enjoy Bobobo is to turn your brain off when watching it so that you don't bother yourself with asking stupid questions like "Why is this happening?" or "What am I looking at?"

Quite a few of the jokes are probably best understood by Japanese-natives, but even if you don't get the jokes, you can probably just laugh at the sheer stupidity of Don Patch trying to steal the spotlight all the time, the numerous physics-defying gags, and the severe Rapid Fire Comedy (indeed, it goes so fast that sometimes if you aren't paying attention it's hard to tell when one joke ends and the second begins).

My only real complaint is that it had to end early, but that cannot be blamed on anybody but the overly-protective Japanese parents and censorship board who deemed it "too violent" for little children. This series really needs to continue. It's just that good.

One of the weirdest shows I've ever seen, and I've watched Excel Saga

When this first premiered, I heard about it from my brother. I watched it, and laughed myself silly every time it came on. I got a bit sad every time I missed an episode, and the fight sequences, while completely idiotic in most cases, were actually good to watch. While Toonami eventually pulled the show, I liked it for as long as it was on the lineup.

Pure. Distilled. Funny.

I do not know of any show funnier than this. Most episodes I laughed myself sick. When it was showing on TV, the new episode was the highlight of my week.

This is not a typical comedy anime. There are no horrid cooks or contrived situations making someone look like a pervert. This is some of the most bizarre slapstick you'll ever see. And it constantly ups the ante on weirdness. I'd say that if you like Loony Tunes, you'll love this series. and the dub doesn't hurt anything- it just makes things even funnier.