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Reviews Comments: Wackiness with a side of Plot Bobobobo Bobobo whole series review by Lightningphoenix 13

As the first actual anime I watched, due to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! being dubbed by 4kids (I have nothing against 4kids, but I had never watched an anime that doesn't revolve around magical monters), I enjoyed it immensely. It was very good, even though from the promos I thought I would hate it. Some episodes were a little too weird for me to watch, but it was a good series.

Now, the plot was a mix of good, bad and weird. The thought of having one's hair shaved off scared me a little, as I was very young at the time, but looking back, it was a weird motive for wanting to put an end to the empire that the main characters lived in. It later on was more or less forgotten in favor of taking down the Big Four of the empire.

Sure, it had its faults, as I've lost track of how many times Don Patch/Poppa Rocks tried to steal the spotlight from Beauty or when Beauty freaks out, but it's a good series to watch if you want a break from reality.


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