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Reviews Comments: Perhaps one of the silliest things out there... Bobobobo Bobobo whole series review by General Tommy

After re-watching some episodes, I managed to form a solid opinion of Bobobo. To put it blunt, the entire series runs on the Rule Of Funny. Attempts to categorize the show logically is a clear case of doing it wrong. Your best bet to enjoy Bobobo is to turn your brain off when watching it so that you don't bother yourself with asking stupid questions like "Why is this happening?" or "What am I looking at?"

Quite a few of the jokes are probably best understood by Japanese-natives, but even if you don't get the jokes, you can probably just laugh at the sheer stupidity of Don Patch trying to steal the spotlight all the time, the numerous physics-defying gags, and the severe Rapid Fire Comedy (indeed, it goes so fast that sometimes if you aren't paying attention it's hard to tell when one joke ends and the second begins).

My only real complaint is that it had to end early, but that cannot be blamed on anybody but the overly-protective Japanese parents and censorship board who deemed it "too violent" for little children. This series really needs to continue. It's just that good.


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