Reviews: Three Hundred


A more accurate title for this film would have been 'Extremely Heterosexual Males' (well, not 'extremely'), every guy I know has seen in and there's a lot of hacking off of limbs, spurting blood and bizarre slow-motion scenes but it's lacking in plot. In the end the only bit of the movie I remembered was that Persian man falling into that oddly placed pit.

Heh-heh. Good times.

A weak and immature attempt of epic

"300" would please the fans of the graphic novel in which this film is inspired, rather than those who are interested in historical accuracy or at least, something less exaggerated or ridiculous. (Ironically enough, the comic book of Frank Miller was inspired in "The 300 Spartans" that is a much better film in almost all the aspects, and it had a more interesting and realistic portrayal of the Battle of Thermopylae) The plot, despite the violence and the nudity, is nothing but a childish amount of clichés as present as the good guys as handsome, muscular and tanned, while the "bad guys" are weak, ugly and effeminate, ridiculous use of the most obvious and blatant stereotypes, and a MTV-visual technique flashy enough to please those who prefer style over substance, but not enough good to make us forget about the lack of deep, characterization or anything that could have made this film more interesting than it actually is.

If your looking for mindless violence and cartoonish characterization of events in bold sepia tones and loud digitally mastered sound, then "300" will be your cup of tea. If not, try "The 300 Spartans", which is a fairly superior film.