Reviews: Spider Man 3

Is It Really That Bad?

Spider-Man 3 is one of the most universally hated superhero movies since Daredevil. But is it really as bad as people say? In my opinion, not really.

Is this film flawed? Oh gosh yes. Are the too many villains? Spot-on. Does the ending rely on a stupid Deus ex Machina? Right again. Does it have Tobey Mc Guire doing the Saturday Night Fever Dance? Yes, in all its horror. But you know what? I still enjoy this movie. Because despite all its flaws, it does have merits.

1: Sandman. Everything about this character worked. If Sam Raimi had been left alone by Sony and allowed to simply use him and New Goblin, this would've been a much better film. He wasn't a bad guy, and was actually very sympathetic. Even if Venom sucked and the New Goblin need more screen time, this character at least managed to salvage something in the movie.

2: Peter's emotional journey. While the opening narration was clunky, and some of the stuff he did while wearing the suit was stupid, his journey realizing what the suit was doing to him was a very good one. You could feel real guilt behind Toby Mc Guire's performance after he hit MJ, and it really struck home. While yes, the scene where MJ broke up with him and he started crying was a bit much, I can kind of understand it, considering he was just about to propose to the woman he's loved his entire life. Overall, his journey worked, and as the crux of the film, that's a very good accomplishment.

3: The effects. Okay, this one was a gimme, but the action in this movie was incredible. The scenes of Peter swinging through NYC were the best in the trilogy, and the effects for Sandman were simply spectacular. And whoever did the make-up on Venom deserves an award because it looked amazing. The production values in this film were top-notch, and it looks fantastic.

To summarize, this is not a great movie. It's not even a very good one. But it does have some merit, and I think people often forget that. While it did prove that Batmanand Robin could happen again, it hasn't yet, and there's at least still hope for superhero movies. Just like Peter still has hope that thing will be all right in the end. Just like there's still hope for another good Spider-Man movie.