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Reviews Comments: Spider-Man 3: A good idea gone bad Spider-Man film/book review by Coolguy 3298

I enjoyed this movie when I saw it theaters, but when I got home and thought about every aspect of the movie, I saw how stupid it all was. Strike One: The effects of the Symbiote. It turns Peter into some kind of goofy emo. It's nowhere near as deep as it should've been, and I don't know who thought Peter's disco strut around the town was a good idea. Strike Two: The villains. Harry was presented well enough, but Sandman and Venom were stupid. Sandman's origin doesn't do the original justice, he has so few lines we never really feel any sympathy towards him, and Eddie Brock just kinda seemed shoe-horned in. He should've been introduced in two in order to build up steam for their rivalry, and when he becomes Venom, he's only on screen for, like, 10 minutes, and when he talks he peels back his Venom face, which should've been scarier. Also, why did Harry's Butler wait so long to tell Harry the truth about his father died? He tried to kill Peter, made MJ break up with Peter, and basically acted like a dick the whole movie, and his butler doesn't even consider telling Harry. Gwen Stacy felt like she was there just so the movie could say 'Hey, we have Gwen Stacy in this movie! She's going to be SO important to the plot!', even though this movie would've functioned just fine if she hadn't been in it. All in all, this movie isn't fucking terrible, but it's not the best thing to happen to Spider-Man.


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