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Thank goodness The Eighties are over, and this awful thing too.
This film is riddled with Values Dissonance and Unfortunate Implications about pretty much everything: homophobia, transphobia, pædophilia, bullying (sometimes involving what would come across as sexual harassment today), the concept of Consent, subtle racism, intentional triggering, you name it. They might as well have put a warning against the ‘gay agenda’ at the end. It made me feel incredibly lucky to have been born after such a horrible time.

Aside from that, the music selection was occasionally cheesy and off the mark in true ‘80s fashion, and the fact that these uber-masculist boys, who use homophobic slurs against each other, often wear crop tops, just give the feeling that this film aged about as well as milk.

And I’m not saying the milk was good to begin with: the acting is awful, the killer’s identity is predictable, the twist is half-predictable and completely idiotic, the kills are implausible (as are a lot of other details)―

You know what? I could ramble on and on about this film, and even point out its few virtues, but it’s fairly pointless. This film was a massive letdown; I recommend you just save yourself a wasted hour and a half and just not watch it. If you want a genuinely good slasher film, watch Perfect Blue instead.
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