Reviews: My Man Godfrey

What a wild ride this was

I saw this film one day when I wanted to broaden my mind in the world of old cinema and I enjoyed it greatly.

The Bullocks are wild and play off each other very well, and the inclusion of Godfrey and Molly were a great touch to the madness. I wouldn't be surprised if this working together in this movie is the reason why it wouldn't work in another (in a trope-making sense).

I found the story very clever and entertaining. The thought of Mr Bullock, the most level-headed member of the Bullocks, struggling to keep his wealth together is the best unintentional irony that this film did. The two daughters acting like bickering children when they're grown women too rich to work is hilarious, and I was actually rooting for Irene to end up with Godfrey like everyone else in the film. Also, their rich friends being thoughtless numpties was hilarious (although, it was a bit frustrating at times, I must admit.)

I can't wait to watch this film again.

All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.

This movie is mad. Not in such an unrestrained way as some more recent films, but you can really feel the exasperation and bemusement of the few characters with any sense.

It's truly hilarious, without the meanness of a lot of other films. The characters are very memorable and rather love-able in their own way.

Godfrey and Mr Bullock are fantastic, Irene is like-able despite her overplayed Cloudcuckoolander nature and Cornellia might be my favourite of the lot, even during the start of the film. You've gotta love a well dressed snarky woman.

This movie is a blast and leaves you with a WAFFY feeling when you're finished. It's a movie of its time and somehow that means it hasn't dated.