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"The Carry On person... apparently."
Kitchen90's tagline

Kitchen90 is a Troper from East Anglia/Home Counties (because it's debatable where it can be) in England, (nowhere near London) and has been on this website from since 2013. They describe themselves as a Deadpan Snarker, mostly Genre Savvy and very critical person about all sorts of media. Don't expect them to be raving on about many films in a positive light, especially many of the box-office smashes.

This is probably a reason why they're a big fan of CinemaSins, That Guy with the Glasses and Honest Trailers.

Although they've been a troper on this site for a long while, because of schoolwork and private life they still haven't worked out the ways of TvTropes, so do bear with them. They're gonna get stuff wrong.

You may also recognise their writing style in the descriptions of many comedy films. Expect "Hilarity Ensues" at the bottom with a separate paragraph. If there is an index page too big, they were most likely the person that organised it into separate pages.

Troper Works

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    Created Tropes 
  • Dancing Royalty note : A person (mostly a nobody with no talent) is only known for being the best dancer at a public nightclub, and is treated like a celebrity.
  • Tiny Schoolboy: A prepubescent boy or a teenager that is shorter than their peers.
  • Putting the "Medic" in Comedic note : A comedy set in the medical profession.
  • Casual Sports Jersey: A character that wears sports clothing outside of a sports setting. This is often worn by a sports fan or someone who wants to be known as a sports hobbyist.

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