Reviews: John Wick Chapter 2

An awesome continuation of the first film. (No spoilers)

The film starts out at a quick pace and jumps right into the action. The first few minutes serve as a quick summary of the first film for those who didn't watch it (seriously, why haven't you?). While it does rely a little much on taking to do the explanations at first, there is by no means a lack of action.

The whole assassin subculture is expanded and developed, and as we expect, we see John Wick kick ass. Even so, I have to say I still managed to be surprised at the end. They even manage to sneak in a few instances of dark comedy very fittingly.

The only problem I see is that the mooks were a little too easy... Sure they may have been relying on quantity over quality but nobody can even hit him properly even if they managed to ambush him.

Overall, an excellent film. It maintains the excellence of the first one, although it's not exactly equal - some bits are better, some bits are worse, but it's an amazing ride, no question.