Reviews: Velle Anima

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  • Comments : An amazing read if not a little depressing. There is a REASON why they don't tell you what the crossover is with. It's a huge spoiler for the Wham Line at the end.
    • Comartemis: "A little depressing", the comments say. NO FUCKING KIDDING. Alf has completely outdone himself on this one; the first chapter alone is his usual doom and gloom material taken up to slit-your-wrists degrees of hopelessness, and just when you think it might be about to get better, the Wham Line at the end shoots your dog and kicks you in the teeth, because the author is Just. Getting. Started. Abandon all hope ye who enter here; there will be no happy endings where this story is going.
    • Kazeto: Nice fiction, indeed, and it really is worth reading without knowing what is it crossed over with, just for the ending. Though knowing what language is the title in, and what is its meaning, gives a chance to guess correctly even before that, spoiling it a little, so if you want to be surprised, don't try to translate it before reading.
    • Rivenscryr: Velle Anima is certainly rather different from most other stories out there, given its look into the mind of Louise on the day of the familiar summoning. Few stories go into the background and society of Zn T, and fewer still manage to deliver that information while tugging on the heartstrings. This one does both very well, with spirals of thought setting things up very well for the end.
    • Universalperson: Without going into spoilers, this looks like it will be a humongous Deconstruction Fic of the Fandom Specific Plot. What's amazing is how appropriate the set-up is, especially given the major inspiration of the unnamed series.