Reviews: Usually Dead

Selryam's review

Very interesting and creative take on the world and characters - there's a huge depth to both and pretty good writing to bring it out. The aforementioned flaws may be a turn-off for some, but the series is absolutely worth a look first.

Xavic's review

Putting aside all the comedy and fanboyism, one powerful point made by Usually Dead is that he throws out some of the stories in a Dark Fic format. They take the scary parts of living in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink and push those limits Up To Eleven, providing some absolutely horrifying and realistic takes or reinterpretations on what would really be happening in a place like Gensokyo if it weren't quite as cutesy. Being beautifully written pushes the point home on a mind-numbingly captivating and terrifyingly accurate site that showcases some of the best work ever seen.

Kimiko Muffin's review

It's got ... fanboyism. Just about every story contrives to get at least one central character naked. It takes just about every single element of Touhou canon and runs the other way with it (to start with, nobody can fly in UD's Gensokyo except "the most powerful beings," and everyone speaks English), to the point that you might wonder why he didn't just make an original setting. But the important thing is, they are very well written.

Recon 5's review

Usually Dead's website, with some truly hilarious, touching or straight out mind blowing insights into the Fantasy Kitchen Sink that is Gensokyo. Also home to other outstanding Touhou fics and a lot of Yuyuko fanboyism in general. Strangely enough, the site is made all the more awesome by the latter.