Reviews: Total Drama Comeback Series

Slicer37's review

Agreed with the above. It has good humor and storytelling, but the Ezekiel love is infuraitng at times. Sometimes it feels like the boot order is just going down the list of the author s favorite characters, espically in the sequal, where Ezekiel, Bridgette, and Izzy (the authors top three contestants) make it far in the game again over new and orginal characters in need of development, and the fic is sometimes hypocritical, constantly bashing TDA and TDWT when TDC suffers from the same problems. And to top it all off, the challenges are blanant Author Appeal. I would vote yes on TDC, and no on TDBG.

Truteal's review

it's good, except for three things. 1.Noah and Katie being Flanderized into Sickeningly Sweethearts 2.Eva should be much, much, much, much, much, much, more Tsun towards Cody 3.Sadie having feelings for Cody, They Wasted A Perfectly Good Plot in my view.

GingerSnaps's review

It's quite literally famous among the fandom.

OP's review

Perhaps one of the most interesting effects made by this fic it's that inspired many writers also to write continuations of Total Drama Island, like Total Drama Chris, second best to TDC (but some readers would even prefer this fic), Total Drama Academy and Total Sibling Rivalry (referenced in this section). Many writers put a dedicatory to Kobold Necromancer on the introduction to their fics.

OP's review

One of the best stories I've ever read, and it's sequel is heading there as well. In my opinion the story really grows the beard during the ninth contest and really kicks things up a notch.

MadMegatax's review

Thirded by MadMegatax. This actually turned me into a Notie and Heathekiel shipper. It also made me appreciate Ezekiel a lot more. Also, though normally I hate Original Characters, The Kobold Necromancer actually makes his work in the sequel. It helps that he spent the time to make/post pictures and bios of his characters on his DeviantArt account.

Merlock's review

Seconded by Merlock. If you haven't already heard of this story or it sequel, you're probably new to the fandom. Everybody reads it, because it's awesome. Very long, but worth the read. And the sequel includes Original Characters that are actually good.

renagirl9' review (I think)

Basically the only TDI fic I bother to read anymore. The writers of TDI/TDA should seriously have this guy write the show. It would be so much better! Check out the sequel, TDC2: Total Drama Battlegrounds.