Reviews: The Madness Of Angels

Awesome Urban Fantasy AU that will make you want to read new canons

This story has that awesome quality of Urban Fantasy where the world is suddenly overflowing with the fantastical if only you would wake up and notice. And Sherlock and John and all the other Sherlock characters are at the heart of it. It takes the best parts of the three different canons and works them together until they make sense (in some cases, a bit more sense than canon). The magic system is from Matthew Swift, the characters are from Sherlock and Rivers Of London with some cast in major roles from Matthew Swift, and the plot is an awesome and creative mixture of Matthew Swift and Sherlock. You don't need to know any canon but Sherlock to enjoy this story. I'd never even heard of the Matthew Swift series or the Rivers of London series before but this fic made me go out and read them. The author did a great job making this crossover work.