Reviews: The Invitational Year


The best High School AU for Hetalia. The author is even re-working it. Great character development, realistic relationships, and its chock full of laugh out loud moments, friendship, romance, and hurt/comfort. A great read all in all!

Comment by Anonymous

Thirded so hard. This is quite simply the best Hetalia high school AU fic out there.

Comment by Anonymous

Seconding this one. There is also the inevitable, in which Japan and England both love/like America.

Comment by GintaxAlvissForever

Now we all know there are many many MANY Hetalia High School AU fics. However, this is far the best one you will EVER find! The character development in this story is amazing and the pacing of the entire story is perfect to the point that the author won't focus on the minor things that would happen in high school. This author has clearly gone through a wacky high school life in order to create an amazing adventure. The story focuses on the six Allied Nations and how they are all brought together by Alfred's idealism of remaining a hero. The friendship and love between the characters are real as many of the couples have to face hardships in life. Alfred's character development in the story though is very parallel to the actual series though. Starting out as a lovable dork (Pre WWII), he starts to mature into a young man to the character that everyone knows and loves (post WWII). Words cannot describe the rest of the story without spoiling it, so just pick up this story and enjoy the ride. One final note though is this story is based on the FRESHMEN year of the characters.