Reviews: The Open Door

Comartemis' review

Recommendation denied on the grounds that the characters are Boring Invincible Villain Protagonists who get their kicks by curbstomping the heroes of less (and sometimes more) morally-ambiguous shows and telling them how much they suck for not being like themselves. I've seen people on this wiki try to handwave this by invoking Conservation Of Ninjutsu and while it does justify their tactics in-story it also completely misses the point that it is boring to watch Chaos walk all over everyone else regardless of how justified it is, and it is infuriating to watch the author's pet Mary Sues essentially gangrape other far more likable characters. This is the kind of story I would write Revenge Fics for if I had the motivation, and I cheered when I heard it went belly-up; here's hoping it never comes back.

Don't waste your time with it, SPECIALLY if you have read Thousand Shinji

This story is a non-canonical side-story to Thousand Shinji.

Essentially it does away with all character development, themes and plotlines of TS and turns their Jerk with a Heart of Gold AntiHeroes into hypocritical, despotic, super-powerful Boring Invincible Villain Sues that enjoy committing atrocities and travelling to other universes to beat up, bully and mock their heroes -and sometimes villains-, all in the name of fighting people that is barely eviler than them (or they merely do it For the Evulz). It's boring how they always win, they always get away with everything and they are always right. And if someone calls them out on their actions, they stomp him/her flat, torture him/her or brain-wash him/her. Also, they deliberately always choose targets that are weaker than them so that nobody can fight them back (funny like the Goddess of War suddenly wants easy adversaries rather demanding challenges like she used to).

The plot is contrived and convoluted and full of plotholes and inconsistences. There're too many subplots and loose ends that go nowhere. Many descriptionis are tiresome Purple Prose. New characters show up and are treated like a big deal before being quickly forgotten. New universes are pointlessly introduced even although they add nothing to the story and don't advance the "plot". And you spend a bunch of chapters reading about the author's MarySues and characters that you don't know of/care about/like as waiting for the return of characters that you actually love (even if they've been so utterly warped they're unrecognisable and even despicable). It's very telling that the four main characters barely make one single appearance in the latter eleven or so chapters. And it is one very short scene in the beginning of chapter 69 featuring only two of them.

Sure, there're some good bits... But when your AntiHeroes have been turned into gleefully irredeemable VillainSues that constantly commit all sort of inhumane crimes and then simultaneously complain that they are not "good" AND get angry because they are being treated as "bad", and they are replaced with boring and just so evil MarySues there's little to no motivation to keep reading.

Thank God the author said that it's not canon because I liked TS, and this side-story would ruin it for me.

Nolrai's review

I like it better then Thousand Shinji, its not about weather or even how the Boring Invincible Hero wins its about how that effects the world around them.