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Nolrai's review
I like it better then Thousand Shinji, its not about weather or even how the Boring Invincible Hero wins its about how that effects the world around them.

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Comartemis' review
Recommendation denied on the grounds that the characters are Boring Invincible Villain Protagonists who get their kicks by curbstomping the heroes of less (and sometimes more) morally-ambiguous shows and telling them how much they suck for not being like themselves. I've seen people on this wiki try to handwave this by invoking Conservation Of Ninjutsu and while it does justify their tactics in-story it also completely misses the point that it is boring to watch Chaos walk all over everyone else regardless of how justified it is, and it is infuriating to watch the author's pet Mary Sues essentially gangrape other far more likable characters. This is the kind of story I would write Revenge Fics for if I had the motivation, and I cheered when I heard it went belly-up; here's hoping it never comes back.
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