Reviews: Stupid Devil Dog

A deconstruction gone totally wrong.

The writer relies too much on inserted fanon and original situations to get his points across, Saito doesn't come across as a realistic Army Brat at all, but a Saito In-Name-Only given extra skills and abilities so he can put Louise and the entire setting in their places.

Biggest piece of fanon? The Familiar Runes making him forget about his life on Earth because of brainwashing. Among the many series analysis done on Spacebattles are clear that only the animal and magical beast runes do any sort of brainwashing, while the Void Familiar runes only suppress any feelings of homesickness. It also completely ignores why Louise is the way she is just to get back at a character that is a well known Scrappy at first instance, never mind that she's one of the biggest Jerkass Woobies in anime and manga.

Also, while Saito does have dreams in the light novels that for some reason place people in Halk with people he might have known in the past, they are just that, strange dreams that he's having. He even has dreams of Tabitha dressed as a flight attendant, acting mean towards him and accusing him of having a Tsundere fetish and that he does enjoy when Louise whips him. His dreams are WEIRD.

Marty Stu Issues

A lot of Zero no Tsukaima fics suffer from this, but Saito really is yet another terrible, overpowered, arrogant, obnoxious Marty Stu. Don't read this story, it's a waste of your time.

From comments

  • Comments: Saito is pretty much a different character, and at first comes off as a bit Mary Stu-y. Saito is, to put it simply, a Japanese-American High School student who was planning to join the US Marines. One of the big differences in this story is that Saito is actually smart, and that the story goes into his background and who he was before he was summoned. Also, takes a massive split from canon.
  • Status: Has 8 chapters
    • Eh, he may come off as a bit Mary-Stuish but I found his personality to be a lot more endearing than his canon counter-part, at least to me. I think it's a real decent story and I would recommend it considering what I've read so far, but eh, YMMV.