Reviews: Opheliac


The best characterization of a recovered-enough-to-function Azula I have ever read.

She's the Magnificent Bitch we know... but she's also the insecure, Broken Bird that simultaneous broke our hearts and scared the living shit out of us in the Finale. Every scene dealing with her relationship with Ursa is a Tear Jerker... and recently her paranoia is making a disturbing come back.

Not many other Fan Fics capture all those elements of her personality so well.

Ryan Lohner's review

The present tense takes some getting used to, and there are a couple moments where the author forgets to do it, but really great stuff so far. The spoof of Zutara in chapter 8 alone is worth it.

J Blaze's review

I'll be honest: I'm a completely shameless Azula fangirl. Cupid's fic really hits the spot, and so far, features an absolutely fantastic Azula as the Chess Master and Magnificent Bitch in what looks like will be a fantastic thriller/political intrigue. Set after the end, all the pairings and events of the sequel are taken as canon. The author has stated that the story will eventually feature a Sokka/Azula pairing, but there's little sight of it yet (except for a brief moment of delicious delicious Fetish Fuel). All of her characterizations are fantastic, and her OCs are believable too. Cupid writes absolutely amazing strong female characters, and doesn't turn anyone into wet blankets for the sake of plot or romance. Seems to update frequently.