Reviews: Neon Revolutionary Evangelion

Axel White's review

Enthusiastically recommended. An unusual treatment of faith and what it means to have faith in a setting whose sources are both so rich in symbolism.

Willbyr's review

I avoided this one for a long time, but enjoyed it once I gave it a chance. Not knowing anything about Utena other than the most cursory of details, I can't comment on the changes to those characters and events, but the changes made to the Eva characters and events are handled nicely and the two universes appear to have been integrated sensibly. The script format in and of itself isn't a bother, but the way it's formatted is a little annoying.

Initial review (recommended by Anthiens and Koveras)

The writer is excellent and does a jaw-dropping job at bringing together two disparate genres with two pieces that share many themes. The changes don't feel forced at all and everyone is in character.