Reviews: Hell Is A Martial Artist

Original Comments

  • Comments: Certainly a unique fic in is choice of protagonists and in the execution of their relationship — this is in no way a shipping fic (at least so far). Currently seven parts and still going strong — the latest and largest chapter was posted in July 2009 — and Ozzallos has left the story at a point that could go anywhere. (Be warned, though, that given all his other projects, future updates may be months in coming.) As with anything by Ozzallos, the text is rife with word choice and spelling errors but (as usual) the strength of his narrative can carry a reader past the textual problems.
    • Shay Guy: Also as with anything by Ozzallos, this fic exists to girlify Ranma. The man is skilled, but obsessed.
      • Looney Toons: Perhaps so, but he's going about it with considerable subtlety — seven chapters and so far Ranma's only basically said, "yeah, despite what I used to think, being a girl can be fun sometimes." And more interesting is the role and motivation that're developing — it looks like Ranma is going to willingly be a surrogate daughter for Hild (and Hild a surrogate mother for him, equally willingly) because neither can get what they need from the members of their real families. I find that a whole lot more interesting (plot- and characterization-wise) than the usual "Transgender power make-UP!" you find in a typical Fuku Fic.
    • Looney Toons: Just a note — the Sailor Moon elements are as yet small and don't seem to have a bearing on the main plot, as they've only really entered the story in the seventh chapter.
    • acg452: Fic has been updated, as of August, 2010. Miss Hinako has been tossed into the mix now, managing to use her coin on the 'delinquent' Urd. The goddess of the past is certainly earning her Chew Toy status for this fic.
    • Looney Toons: Latest chapter posted September 2011, and the plot's going as I had imagined it might.