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antvasima's review
I like this story. It is almost surgically bereft of fanon, very much keeps the chaotic but mostly innocent and compassionate tone of the source material, including somehow keeping all of the body-hopping away from turning more adult-themed, the increasing amounts of pure confusion and misunderstandings gradually turn funnier, the writer actually reads as sympathetic, and due to all of the above qualities the story is actually very relaxing to read. Of course as is often the case when a writer tries to get a grip on the characters, it starts kind of weak and takes quite a while to build up enough silliness to turn entertaining, but from around "Shampoo want what honored ancestors were smoking when they wrote laws" and onwards it is quite enjoyable.
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PataHikari's review
Hahahahahahaha wow. Crossed Wires was bland at first as I read it. But it just kept on getting funnier.
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CrypticMirror's review
Some very minor Ukyo/Shampoo shipping and it's hinted (but not very strongly) that Ryouga might be coming down with a case of Becoming The Mask, but not actually a shipping fic as it's much more in tone with the anime series and it's nearly all just one Zany Scheme or another. Incredibly funny, and as Lampshaded in Mixed Signals you may feel the need to open a spreadsheet to remember out who is in whose body and is supposed to be going out with whom.
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