Reviews: Unfamiliar

Much better than its premise would suggest

When I heard the premise of this fic, I was a bit sceptic. I am barely familiar with Familiar de Zero, and while I love Prototype, I never actually played the game. To me, it was most likely to just involve Alex butcher everybody, and God knows I hate that kind of fic. But I heard it was Better Than It Sounds, so I decided to give it a try.

And I am glad I did.

The fic is nothing like I fear it would be. It actually takes advantage of its premise very well, and tries to develop the characters the best it can. Alex Mercer's characterisations are especially great, combining Comedic Sociopathy to hilarious ends while also giving him Character Development beyond a murderous man-eating monster.

Overall, great fanfiction, and I am really sad it appears to be a Dead Fic. Let's hope the writer eventually changes his mind.

Wow.. I like This

I know that fans of both 'stories' will argue much about this fanfiction, but I loved it. I know that I knew little of both series, but I like stories where great potential powers are released adequately yet overwhelms oppositions. And thrilling stories of bigger pictures emerge that dwarfs previous perspectives. Keep up the great work.

Can't resist my conspiracy theories itch, here are my opinions of the plots probably planned: 1. 6 future years of Mercer's Manhattan had the virus evolved, another outbreak, and parallel development of a dimensional portal. 2. A semi-artificial portal is how the Blackwatch managed to reach 6k years before present. The Founder is a power-hungry despot, the Papacy is one big lying Knight Templar org that create havoc like in the Claymore manga.

Purely amazing.

I just... don't even know where to start, as far as describing this fic goes. I found it shortly after I had first got Prototype, and was trawling the internet for fics. I count myself lucky that I found this gem.

It starts out like most other Zn T fics, with Louise at the summoning. Straight off the bat, it decides to deviate from canon, in more ways than the inevitable 'Louise summons a humanoid tentactle monster with an eating disorder'. No more of this 'following the stations of canon' stuff that quite honestly gets old after the twentieth time. No, with Unfamiliar, you're getting something new.

The characterization is beautiful. The relationships and character growth put canon Zn T to shame - and perhaps canon Prototype (1), too. The setting evolution (and fusion) is pulled off flawlessly. The story keeps you on your toes - you can't predict, you can only speculate. And everything is coated in a varnish of pure awesome, then dipped into the Fountain of Gushing Epic and lightly marinated in Fuck Yes.