Reviews: Nobody Dies

Waiting for the Rebuild of Nobody Dies

Nobody Dies is hailed as "TV Tropes Classic" fic and I really enjoyed.

The premise is quite straightforward, Yui and Kyoko don't die and a lot of things change. Basically, the main point of the fic is that "What If People actually gave a damn about Shinji?" and the author executes in an excellent way, Shinji as a normal boy, even more normal than in the original, and he slowly develops in a character that has to deal with fighting eldritch abominations. The Establishing Series Moment is, without any doubt, the battle against Gaghiel.

Asuka was another surprise, because she her personality basically inverted, due to her repressive mother, absent father and jerk brother, this obviously will screw her up. That's the reason why the chapters between 32-46 can be considered one of the climaxes of the fic, combining character development, crowning moments of awesome, funny, heartwarming and sadness, including the relationship between Asuka and Kyoko.

For the third season, the original flavor kept it up, but for the fourth, the main problem was that it didn't go anywhere, you add challenges, characters develop (the thing I liked most was that Shinji was finally bonding with Gendo), Kei/Kaworu is now one of my OTPs, things get crazy, but ultimately, the plot didn't go anywhere, that's why I was satisfied with chapter 102, even considering that the things I liked in season 4 were kind of lost (and also sets for potential drama).

This leads to the negative points: there a lot of typos, like bits of the text missing, this is particularly frustrating in chapter 43, if I remember well, where Units-04 take action; some running gags are getting old, Rei doesn't come out as Crazy Awesome anymore, but just as a Karma Houdini; chapter 109 what Ichi accidentally terraformed the base did sound like Evolution, but this just create problems out of nowhere; the Shout Out can be rather distracting, especially about Mass Effect, since I never played, I was rather frustrated (I still didn't play, but I've read the trope pages) and, while the retcon helped, the plot needs to go somewhere.

So, while this is a good fic (because it's good and because it's better than the others), I expect to see a rewrite of some parts. Still worth the read!