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Tacitus' review
Aberration of canon aside, I like Issei. His story has a sense of whimsy that makes the ridiculous events that unfold within easier to manage, as you enter a sort of zen-like trance where the insanity just flows through you...or maybe that's the sensation of your brain shutting down in self-defense. Better than drugs.
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Space Chief's review
One of the most beloved, influential, apocalyptic, and revolutionary series of our interpreted by a twelve-year-old. Tied with D.E.L.T.A as the worst NGE fic in existence, though this one is exponentially more fun to read. While D.E.L.T.A Tom Dyron & Friends slowly sucks the life out of the series and characters through thirteen long installments, Hellstorm wastes no time in gleefully warping the entire Eva universe beyond recognition. Characters act extremely OOC and/or explode (one even shows up just to explode), the fight scenes are ludicrous, the Marty Stu-ing is obvious and Stu-ish indeed, and the writing is rife with errors a sea of bad grammar and spelling with occasional patches of near-coherence. Essentially, it's the NGE fandom's own version of Full Life Consequences. While the original has long-since vanished from the net, it's available in both MSTed (1,2) and podcast flavors [1]. Also, check out the sequel. The sequel was recently (as of 2010) made into another audiobook [2] One has to wonder what poor Issei Mataloun is up to these days...
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