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The Shocker: Legit
Despite some of the flaws in it, this is one of my favorite fics. Well written, way over the top, chock full of well handled tropes, fast paced, and interesting.
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I wanted to like this fic, I really did. Hell, for the first half of the story I actually really did enjoy it. It had a great writing style, tons of Continuity Porn for anyone into classic Marvel, and the idea of centering a story on one of my favourite Spider-rogues is an idea that just gets me giddy. But unfortunately it, much like the other fanfic I reviewed, really took a nosedive at the halfway point.

The Shocker makes for an interesting and sympathetic character, sure. And highly intelligent no doubt. But having Reed Richards and Tony Stark gushing over his technology? No, bullshit. And then there's the part where Shocker starts whining about Spider-man being some sort of bully that only picks on his usual villains... ignoring the times Spider-Man has dove in headfirst aganst the likes of Juggernaut and the Hulk, knowing full well he stood no chance. It's a little ambiguous if we're supposed to side with him, but it is still BS hat nobody makes the obvious counter argument.

It's an okay story in the end, not entirely offensive... but I really wish the story had avoided making Spidey into a Ron the Death Eater, and having the foremost geniuses of the MU complimenting technology they could have built in their cribs.
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